Wilber Ross Explains The Yellow Vests

by Chris

One of the defining features of end-of-empire times is the complete isolation of the ruling/protected classes from the lower classes.

The so-called “elites” (who are anything but once you get to meet them) live in a near-complete bubble of social isolation that prevents them from connecting with the people whom they harvest sliver by sliver to create the mountain tops of priviledge upon which they sit.

Today’s “let them eat cake!” moment comes to us courtesy of US Commerce Secretary Wilber Ross, (accompanied by my snarky response):

Meanwhile the US is busy ramping up its activity in meddling in Venezuela where the CIA has presumably been operating a while to create opposition to Maduro.  To be clear, I am no fan of Maduro at all, but the idea of Trump “recognizing” his US-selected opposition partner is really silly if you reverse the action.

As Wikileaks asked today on Twitter,:

Should Turkey, Venezuela, Mexico, Russia, China and other nations unilaterally declare Nanci Pelosi to be the interim president of the United States given controversies surrounding President Trump?

Seems kind of ridiculous when it’s turned around, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile Russia has said “back off” on VZ, so we’re going to keep an eye on that potential flash point going forward.

The US press has already weighed in providing ample coverage of the VZ protests and begun noting the police force excesses, which they have studiously avoided for the Yellow Vest movement.

Interesting times…