Scott Uehlinger: Obama Running a Shadow Government, America in Totally Unknown Territory

Former CIA Officer Scott Uehlinger says that former President Obama is running his own shadow government. Uehlinger contends, “Shadow government is a mainstream expression even in the countries where I lived. When you are a Prime Minister in power, you always had an opposition Prime Minister or a shadow Prime Minister. The opposition guy lines up his guys, and each of them has an opposite number in the administration. Actually, Obama has set up, and he can call it anything he wants, but, effectively, it is a shadow government, and it’s designed to undercut the legitimacy of the Trump Administration. We are in unknown territory here.”
Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former CIA Station Chief Scott Uehlinger.
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10 thoughts on “Scott Uehlinger: Obama Running a Shadow Government, America in Totally Unknown Territory”

  1. Obama is a empty vessel, he is not smart enough to operate a lemon stand. He is just the face of the bankster criminal class that have ruled for to long, and like a cancer they need to be removed.

  2. I believe we must be very careful about attributing too much to this man as the controllers will use him as a deception to what is really going on out there.

  3. …AND NONE of what Obama & his Terrorists Cult are doing are in CONFLICT with the PATRIOT ACT ?
    Look the other way & continue LETTING Barry ‘The FRAUD’ Obama work ABOVE the LAW appears to be the MO of the CIA, FBI & the current Administration.
    Soros, the Clintons & Obama’s cult SHOULD ALL be Immediately DETAINED INDEFINITELY under the PATRIOT ACT. WHAT is REALLY going on ?

    • Americans have been played so hard that most will never have an inkling of the charade they have participated in for the last 54 years. How much longer can we live in la la land? It really is an amateur production

  4. The idea that Obama could run an ice cream shoppe is ridiculous. There is a shadow government but it is behind Obama not run by him.


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