Seattle Real Estate Prices FALL! The Fed Caused FEAR in the Housing and Stock Markets!

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Do you think that housing prices in these major bubble cities like Seattle will continue to go higher in 2019? Or is this at or near the peak of housing right now?

Home prices have fallen in countless cities around the world now. There’s no way to know how far they can go in this current environment. With interest rates rising, we have to assume a consistent slowdown. But only time will tell. Home prices at or anywhere near their current levels are absolutely absurd and unjustifiable. Let’s see what the Fed does in December.


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Seattle home prices down $80,000 from peak amid unprecedented spike in homes sitting unsold | The Seattle Times

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The new boomtowns: Why more people are relocating to ‘secondary’ cities – San Antonio Express-News

Fed unwavering in message that interest rates will keep going higher

Interest rates could hit new decade high even if Fed does nothing at its meeting

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