Waterspouts & Dust Storm Events Amplifying as Cosmic Rays Increase on Earth

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(AUDIO PODCAST) MIAC #137 Waterspouts and Dust Storm Events Amplifying as Cosmic Rays Increase on Earth

Anita Bailey, PhD and author of Cold Times: Preparing for the Mini Ice Age discusses her “No holds barred guidebook” to surviving the coming Mini Ice Age which she and I discussed preparedness steps as the shift to a cooler climate intensifies.
Cold Times: How to Prepare for the Mini Ice Age by Dr Anita Bailey www.amazon.com/s/ref=as_li_ss_tl?url=search-alias=stripbooks&field-keywords=dr+anita+bailey+cold+times&linkCode=sl2&tag=daviddubyne-20&linkId=dbed8d6127b289b92b6cc268abb4317d&language=en_US

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•Waterspouts becoming wider and more like EF-2 water tornadoes
•Saharan dust storm change patterns over Europe and Atlantic
•Sun drives climate on Earth
•How a Grand Solar Minimum led to witch trials
•How will the economy hold up during 3x food price rises
•Global grain production down 8% in 2018
•Goat and Rabbit meat as a substitute for beef
•Dust Bowl era and droughts returning
•How electrified and static skies will effect electrical devices planet wide

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