Selfish Lawmakers In Ohio Sneak Pay Raise In Last Minute Bill – Nearly $13,000 Increase

Tyler Arnold for the Western Journal reports, Ohio lawmakers are increasing their salaries from $60,000 to $73,000 annually by 2028.

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Ohio lawmakers are increasing their salaries from $60,584 to $73,167 annually by 2028. Members of leadership – who already receive additional money – will see an even higher increase.

Senate Bill 296 originally went by the short title, “Provide health benefits to survivors of safety officers,” and was originally designed to do just that. However, the pay increases for government officials was slipped in before a final vote last week.

Although Republican Gov. John Kasich has criticized the bill, both chambers should have enough votes to override a governor veto of the legislation. The bill passed the House, 68-20, and passed the Senate, 26-5. The bill was sponsored by a Republican, Sen. Jay Hottinger, R-Newark.

Ohio legislators currently have the eighth highest salaries in the country, but they are also one of ten states that have a full-time legislature. This legislation would move Ohio’s salary up to fourth in the country if all other states stay the same.

Pennsylvania, one of Ohio’s neighbors, has a full-time legislature with a higher salary of $87,180 per year. Michigan, its other neighbor with a full-time legislature, pays its elected lawmakers $71,685. Lawmakers from the state’s other three neighbors, Kentucky, West Virginia and Indiana, all have significantly lower salaries, but they are either part-time or hybrid legislatures rather than full-time.


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