The Financial System Will Implode Falling WORSE Than 2008 Crisis! Where Will It Begin?

This was a different sort of video. Seemingly all over the place. But the truth is that the dangers are all around us. We are living in a world where people are relying on pensions, 401k, retirement accounts and that system is run and controlled by the mad scientists of the financial system. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Look at what I showed here in this episode. People don’t even realize how crazy this system is. Probably they’re too busy with their heads in the sand or they’re simply ignorant to the situation. Neither will save you. What do you think will be the CATALYST to the next recession?

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Ned Davis Research Doubles Down on Its Bearish Global Equity Call

Banks Say They Aren’t Cashing In on This Market Turmoil

Investors Are Piling Into Loans That Banks Have Avoided Since the 2008 Crash


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