Sen. Elizabeth Warren proposed an extreme gun control plan that would hike taxes on guns to 30% and 50% on ammunition & ban commonly-owned rifles

They will also use the big banks to go after retailers and manufactures.

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) proposed a plan for “gun violence prevention” that would hike taxes on guns to 30% and 50% on ammunition, ban the production, sale, and importation of “assault weapons,” and launch an investigation into the National Rifle Association, among several more sweeping gun-control laws. And Warren is not alone.

On Tuesday’s radio program, Glenn Beck broke down the details of Warren’s sweeping gun control proposal and showed how politicians on both sides of the aisle are backing new gun-control policies that would circumvent the Second Amendment.

“Elizabeth Warren is now proposing additional unconstitutional actions against the Second Amendment and her idea is to tax Americans out of their guns. Here’s what’s going to happen,” Glenn said.

“The federal government is going to squeeze the banking and financial community to stop people like MasterCard and Visa, and big banks from doing business with gun manufacturers, giving them loans, even offering them financial services to, not only the gun makers, but also the gun sellers.


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