Sen. Mazie Hirono brags to protesters that she rallied 8th grade school girls and boys in support of abortion

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Hawaii Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono used her time in front of the crowd to fire up the protesters with a tale of school kids in Hawaii who are worried about their abortion rights and to brag about how she rallied those children.

“I just left 60 eighth-graders from a public school in Hawaii, and I told them I was coming to a rally in front of the Supreme Court, and they said, ‘Why?'” Hirono said. “I said it’s because we are — we have to fight for abortion rights, and they knew all about it.”

“I asked the girls in that group of eighth graders: How many of you girls think that government should be telling us, women, when and if we want to have babies?

Not a single one of them raised their hands,” she continued.

“And then, the boys who were there among the 60, I told them, you know, it’s kind of hard for a woman to get pregnant without you guys,” she said, and the crowd laughed.

“They got it.”

Stay away from children!

Do any democrats have any moral compass or even logic?


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