Sen. Rand Paul: “Trump Derangement Syndrome Has Officially Come to the Senate”… Adam Schiff: “SUBPOENA THE INTERPRETER!”

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Adam Schiff Experiences Trump Derangement Syndrome Over Putin Meeting “SUBPOENA THE INTERPRETER!”

Today Just In His Own Style Adam Schiff Tries To Get House Intelligence Committee To Vote On Subpoena For President Trump’s Interpreter While He Was Talking To Putin


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Trump russia stories are popping up everywhere today this is just a little glimpse this is today news and news today in politics and political news this is also latest news and breaking news in top stories and top news this is also us news in current events and business with president trump

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devin nunes is the chair of the house intelligence committee and the house intelligence hearing today this is adam schiff today and adam schiff news

original air date: 7/19/2018


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