Senate Bill to ban Russian URANIUM Imports

by TheNextBigWhale

Whats up gamblers, I have a fresh stock idea here that might interest you guys. As the title reads, a number of boomers in the senate are going to pass a legislation to ban the import of Russian URANIUM, and as of writing, uranium stocks are currently brrrrrrring. Now, Russia supplies 6% of total uranium in the market.. BUUUUUTTTTTTT, it does supply 41% of the whole ENRICHED URANIUM in the entire gawd damn world, and what better company to do it than ticker BWXT who already has multiple projects with the government. There are only a handful of public companies that enriches uranium (outside Russia and Kazakhstan), i only know of BWX Technologies and a certain fuel broker that gets its enriched uranium from Russia and resells it. Anyhow, what I would like to ask is, is it better to position on uranium miners or the uranium enrichers/processors/services? Or just take a position oin both?

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Below is the article:


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