Senate Republicans Block Money to the American People

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By Chris Black

On Monday, President Trump signed the $900 billion Covid relief bill with $600 checks, even if the entire  piece of legislation was utter garbage; yet, he promised that more money will follow soon, to the tune of $2000 for each American making less than $75,000/year.

 As I already told you, it was all bullshit: Trump betrayed his fan-base, and American people won’t get squat. And this is what happened on Tuesday night:

Washington Post:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Tuesday blocked consideration of a House bill that would deliver $2,000 stimulus payments to most Americans — spurning a request by President Trump even as more Senate Republicans voiced support for the dramatically larger checks.

One may wonder if Mitch McConnell is trying to destroy the GOP, after Republicans denied President Trump a second term, as they basically refused to fight election fraud and caved to DEM/legacy media pressure. 

Since the US government is totally controlled by foreign lobbies and monied special interests, it makes sense that politicians would fight against controlling big tech or ending wars, there’s no mystery here. 

But the only reason Senate Republicans would block dramatically larger checks from reaching the peasants, after the government destroyed small and medium businesses with lockdowns, is that they really want people to hate them.

I see no other reason, since there’s no other principle they’re defending with the veto. I mean, the Republicans and Donald Trump already signed on giving hundreds of billions of dollars to other countries, including 85 million for Cambodia, a shithole country that I doubt you can find on the map, and hundreds of millions/tens of billions to Egypt and Israel respectively.

Basically, every other country on earth got money.

Hence, Republicans are not against giving people free money on a general principle. They are just saying that YOU cannot have free money. And again, they are doing so after the government forced shutdown the US economy, destroying hundreds of thousands of SMEs, and now they are telling people that getting free money from government is socialism. This makes zero sense. 

There is nothing wrong with the government stepping in and trying to fix what they’ve destroyed, even if $2000 is not nearly enough. However, they are saying no to helping the American people, as they seem to be on a self-destructing path. 

Or, to put is simpler, the Republicans want Democrats to win and control both the Presidency, the House and the Senate.

Why? Well, that’s an easy one: just like the Democrats, the GOP is part of a larger agenda to destroy America


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