Sessions to End Obama’s Police Demonization Policy

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by Mark Angelides

One of the most divisive and politically motivated programs brought out during the Obama era is set to be “scaled back.” The move has been immediately criticized by the Usual Suspects, but this program was put in place to promote that façade of “racial harmony” without actually doing anything other than punishing cops.
The program involved departments being in touch with the DOJ to deal with community issues and was ostensibly put in place to monitor any “institutionalized racism” within law enforcement. In reality, it was a witch hunt to punish those that did not say the right things or follow the party line.
U.S Attorney General Jeff Sessions released a statement saying:
“Changes to this program will fulfill my commitment to respect local control and accountability, while still delivering important tailored resources to local law enforcement to fight violent crime,” he said. “This is a course correction to ensure that resources go to agencies that require assistance rather than expensive wide-ranging investigative assessments that go beyond the scope of technical assistance and support.”
The whole program was based on what many believe to be a flawed idea: that systemic racism exists in police departments across the country. But does it? Has anyone ever provided measurable evidence that such a thing exists? It is often cited that there are disparities in sentencing between whites and blacks, but if all other factors are equal, this does not exist. And of course there is the idea that because sentencing for crystal meth crimes is higher than for cocaine crimes, that this is a sign of racism; but it’s nonsense. The reason the sentencing is so high is because it was campaigned for as a way of stopping people using the damaging drug…Guess what color the campaigners were?
I fully agree that policing needs to address community issues, but this program says (without saying) that it is race that is the prevalent crime factor…Which is nonsense! It’s poverty. If they want to argue that policing negatively impacts those who are poorer, then I agree. But to say that it is about race is ridiculous and plays into a false narrative that seeks to portray black folk as victims incapable of ruling their own destiny…This is the real racism!
The ACLU admitted as much when their Legislative Counsel, Kanya Bennet responded to the AG’s announcement:
“Today’s announcement from Attorney General Jeff Sessions to end a program that provides resources to improve police-community relations as we know it is truly appalling. The police departments benefiting from these resources included Saint Anthony, Minnesota; North Charleston, South Carolina; and Milwaukee — all places where we witnessed traumatic fatal police shootings and police department failures.”
She finished by saying: “Ending the program is a big mistake that will adversely impact communities of color.” And here is the crux!
The ACLU thinks that crime is because of race not poverty. The Democrats think that crime is because of race not poverty. It’s a disgrace! And it shows that the Left hasn’t changed at all since its days of the KKK and opposing the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments.

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