SHOCKING Autism Cover-Up: The CDC studied the links between vaccines and autism and when they found definite links, they changed the protocols 17 times to hide them as well as destroyed evidence.

Ben Swann investigates CDC Corruption in cover up of Vaccine/Autism study

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This story is 100% proof that their is a link between vaccines and Autism. I don’t understand why there is still a debate.
There’s also the 2004 Vaccine Court case with Hannah where she was awarded $1.5 million dollars in damages plus another $200k per yer for life for her care after she developed Autism due to the MMR Vaccine.
So not only is the head scientist on the CDC Study blowing the whistle and providing all of the paperwork and computer files proving a link between Autism and Vaccines but there is legal precedent.
h/t Apersonofinterest666