Shot Down in Syria: The U.S. Attacking Assad’s Forces in the Skies and “Fighting” ISIS on the Ground

by Robert Carbery

The situation in Syria will only continue to deteriorate if the United States continues its irresponsible attacks on forces that are fighting the Islamic State (ISIS). President Trump’s foreign policy has been anything but inspiring during his first six months on the job. Instead of moving to mending relations with Russia, the U.S. military is now shooting down Syrian Air Force planes, backed by Putin’s forces.
Is this really where our foreign policy is headed? More head-scratching moves like this which will only prolong the chaos and devastation in that part of the world?
In a story that broke Sunday afternoon, we learned that a U.S. Navy plane shot down a Syrian government warplane after it had attacked Washington-backed fighters near Raqqa, ISIS’ capital. The U.S. F/A-18E Super Hornet destroyed the Syrian Su-22 after it dropped bombs near positions held by the Syrian Democratic Forces.
So the U.S. has shot down a jet that has been fighting ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria. How does this make sense? What side are we on?
While Iran is retaliating against ISIS for the recent attack in Tehran by launching missiles on ISIS locations in Syria, the U.S. is busy taking down Syrian warplanes in a country where we were not invited like the Russians currently are and where we are actively assisting in ISIS’ continued existence.  
Just who are these American-backed forces in Syria and why are we working against stability in the region by shooting down planes attacking terrorist positions?
In a statement from the U.S. coalition’s headquarters in Iraq, it defended its decision to take down a part of Assad’s Air Force on Sunday. “The Coalition’s mission is to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria,” the statement read. “The Coalition does not seek to fight Syrian regime, Russian, or pro-regime forces partnered with them, but will not hesitate to defend Coalition or partner forces from any threat.” It used a rules of engagement and self defense argument to additionally support its insane argument for attacking Syrians in the skies.
The U.S. support and defense of Saudi-funded terrorists in Syria fighting against the Assad government is indefensible and horrifying. American links to ISIS’ creation and continued proliferation despite some narratives to the contrary are becoming irrefutable. Iran claims to have absolute proof of ISIS ties to the U.S. government but has yet to release them. The recent headlines pouring out of the region while we are all distracted by domestic Trump-related news are enough to make one shiver at disgust over what is really going on.  
Video obtained by Al-Masdar and revealed on Anti-Media last week shows a convoy of ISIS fighters fleeing Raqqa, wholly untouched by the U.S. military, which is currently bombing and supposedly fighting the terrorist opposition in that location. Hundreds of fighters driving by with black ISIS flags flying out of their trucks can be seen disappearing into the desert so they can shift their sights toward the Assad regime.
Do we even need proof at this point that we aren’t really fighting ISIS?
Russia’s Defense Ministry confirmed last Thursday that the U.S. has deployed two sizable rocket systems from Jordan to Syria, adding that these systems cannot provide support for the U.S.-backed forces in the region, instead, the weapons pose a direct threat to the Syrian government forces. Is this what Trump had in mind for working closer together with Russia to destroy a common enemy?
“The US-led anti-Daesh coalition has several times already attacked Syrian government forces fighting Daesh [ISIS] near the Jordanian border. It is possible to assume that similar strikes could be continued in the future, involving HIMARS from now on. So what objectives is the US pursuing in Syria and whom are the US servicemen fighting there?” the Russian statement read.
It is becoming clear that the anti-ISIS coalition is not doing everything it can to destroy ISIS. Instead, it appears more committed to ousting the Assad regime from power and creating a terrorist safe haven in Eastern Syria.
Is the shooting down of this Syrian warplane just the start of a more aggressive stance in the country in direct opposition to Russia and Iran? That would be a very dangerous game for Trump to play in the region. But the reality is becoming clearer of the American role in allowing ISIS to remain afloat. As we attack those who attack ISIS we are making a bad problem even worse.

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5 thoughts on “Shot Down in Syria: The U.S. Attacking Assad’s Forces in the Skies and “Fighting” ISIS on the Ground”

  1. Its 1 of 2 things in my mind.
    1- The MIC is too powerful to be stopped by Trump.
    2- He is 100% complicit and is doing the work of the Saudi’s/Israel.
    I don’t see how there is a middle ground here.

  2. The Globalist policy of destabilizing the ME and provoking Russia will only result in Israel being destroyed as well as the entire ME and who knows what else. Is this the Globalist Plan?


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