George Webb Was Setup – Suing The FBI (Andrew McCabe) – False Reports In CNN And NEW YORK TIMES And Other Publications Defamed Him – Asking Larry Klayman To Be His Attorney.

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by Pamela Williams
I knew this was going to happen sooner or later, and I hope Larry Klayman will take this lawsuit for George Webb and shoot to the moon with it.  George Webb is an investigator and journalist I have been following for at least a year now.  I trust him and the work he is doing.  In the following video he explains much of what occurred to bring about this $100M Defamation Lawsuit Versus Andrew McCabe of the FBI.  George is also including other plaintiffs associated with his work and investigations in this lawsuit.

Published on Jun 19, 2017
$100M Defamation Lawsuit Versus Andrew McCabe. We Are All Plaintiffs
I want to begin this complex report by listing the news outlets who printed this defaming story on George Webb.  Not only did some print the story, they listed one of his videos from his website on YouTube.  This is clearly evidence of defamation of the character of George Webb.  He is asking Klayman to move forward as fast as he can, as his life is most likely in danger, as now he has been cast as a perp in this Charleston Port story.
A South Carolina port terminal was briefly evacuated because of a “potential threat” in a container ship, then reopened early Thursday after authorities scanned it and cleared it.  It said the source of the “original reporting source of the threat” has been detained for questioning.  Coast Guard Lt. JB Zorn said the threat was based on an anonymous claim shared by a man on YouTube.
I want to comment here:  George says he never called the Coast Guard, but they called him three times.  George says his source came from someone retired in the Ohio area.  I understood him to say he found the “hole” of this false lead.  If I misquote him, I do not mean to.  Please watch the video to full understand the whole story.
A section of the Port of Charleston in South Carolina was shut down for several hours Wednesday night after a tip from a far-right YouTube conspiracy theorist warned that a dirty bomb might be on a container ship moored there, officials said.
A section of the Port of Charleston was closed for about seven hours as nearly a dozen federal, state and local agencies searched and turned up nothing.
The episode began around 8 p.m. on Wednesday when the Coast Guard said it received two phone calls about a potential dirty bomb — a crude explosive rigged to spray radioactive material — aboard the container ship Maersk Memphis, Lt. James B. Zorn, a Coast Guard spokesman, said on Thursday.
He described the anonymous sources who he said gave him information on a bomb at the port as being in the Midwest and that they were fearful of reprisals from Andrew G. McCabe, the acting director of the F.B.I.
“These are American patriots who spent decades even before D.H.S. was formed in service to our country saving our country from terrorists’ attacks,” Mr. Webb said, referring to the Department of Homeland Security.
The Maersk Memphis, which was built in 2007 and sails under the American flag for Maersk Line, a United States corporation, arrived at the port on Wednesday evening, Signe Brink Wagner, a company spokeswoman, said in an email.
I want to comment here.  George Webb is an investigative reporter, who will not give up his sources.  I think now that they were part of the setup.  I am not sure exactly if George thinks this or not.  I follow his work on the Pakistani spy ring three Awan Brothers were involved in on Capitol Hill.  They escaped back to Pakistan with top secret US Intelligence.  Now they are using it against our Country overseas to setup our troops, but also to possibly attack this Country at home.  These three brothers I believe are affiliated with the Pakistani Elite agency the ISI.  The ISI is very active in Afghanistan in helping the Taliban against our American troops.
The videos show two men, known for pushing far-right conspiracy theories, discussing the possibility of a threat on the Memphis. George Webb and Jason Goodman have racked up millions of views on YouTube discussing what they describe as political corruption.
In the video, Webb said he was told about a plot targeting Memphis, Tenn., before saying it might involve a ship by the same name.  
Lt. Cmdr. Ryan Kelly, a Coast Guard spokesman based in Miami, said the man who reported the threat was detained by local authorities in Zanesville, Ohio on unrelated charges. A Zanesville Police Department jail officer confirmed to The Post and Courier a man named George Webb was arrested Wednesday night and granted $3,500 bail. The officer said she could not release further information, including what Webb was charged with and whether Webb was connected to the threat at the Port of Charleston. 
Several other calls to Zanesville police officials were not returned. Other authorities could not release further information on the investigation. 
FBI Supervisory Special Agent Donald Wood said he could not disclose much related to the investigation but did say “nobody was detained or arrested based on federal violations, or by the FBI” in connection with the threat. 
Wood emphasized the investigation is ongoing. 
In the video posted Wednesday, Webb spoke about his suspicions and claimed to have talked to authorities. He also mentioned being in Zanesville at the time. 
“I just got off the phone with the Coast Guard in South Carolina,” Webb said in the video. “They were obviously very hesitant to call out all the dogs and call out all the radiation meters and all that without knowing who our sources are.”
Webb went on to say his sources “exist within the Midwest” and didn’t want to be named because they feared retribution from acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe.
Later in the video he spoke more about his sources and said “I’m not sitting here quoting some conspiracy theorist site.”
Bomb detection units are investigating a “potential threat” inside a container on board a docked cargo ship at a port in Charleston, South Carolina, the US Coast Guard said late on Wednesday.
The terminal where the ship, the Maersk Memphis, is located has been evacuated while authorities look into unverified claims made online.
“A 1 NM (nautical mile) safety zone has been established around the vessel while law enforcement authorities investigate the threat,” the Coast Guard said on Twitter.
The actions were taken out of an abundance of caution after a “conspiracy theorist” made a claim about a threat aboard the Memphis on YouTube, Coast Guard Sector Charleston spokesman Lt. James Zorn told local WCIV television.
A man named George Webb claimed the Memphis was carrying a “dirty bomb” after it had been loaded in Pakistan during a recent trip, he said.
However, there was no credible information the threat was real, Zorn added
I would like to comment again in this article, we again see the name of Coast Guard Sector Charleston spokeman Lt. James Zorn, who definitely should be a witness in the lawsuit George is asking Larry Klayman to take.  Lets look at some facts about Larry Klayman, who is a man I much admire.

  1. Larry Klayman
  2. Born Larry Elliot Klayman
  3. July 20, 1951 (age 65)
  4. Philadelphia[1]
  5. Education:  Harriton High School Rosemont, Pennsylvania (1969)[2][3]
  6. Alma mater:  Duke University (1974) and Emory University Law School (1977)[1]
  7. Occupation:  Attorney, activist
  8. Political party:  Republican

Lawsuits representing others[edit]:
José Basulto[edit]
Klayman represented José Basulto[75] of the Cuban exile organization Brothers to the Rescue and won a $1.7 million judgment against Fidel Castro in 2005. The Cuban government shot down and killed four of Basulto’s colleagues (and nearly himself) as they flew over international waters.[76][77]
Ground Zero mosque[edit]
In 2010, Klayman represented Vincent Forras in a lawsuit against Feisal Abdul Rauf to prevent the building of the so-called “Ground Zero mosque.” In the motion to dismiss, Rauf’s attorney called Klayman an “infamous publicity hound” and wrote that Forras “trades in his well deserved laurels for fifteen minutes of fame as a nationally recognized bigot.” Klayman and Forras sought sanctions, but the court denied that request and dismissed the suit.[78][79] Klayman and Forras then sued Rauf and his attorney for defamation, and that suit was also dismissed.[80][81]
Esquire magazine[edit]
In 2011, Klayman represented Joseph Farah in a defamation lawsuit against Esquire magazine. A federal district judge dismissed the suit, and the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit affirmed the dismissal.[82][83][84]
Rachel Maddow[edit]
In July 2011, Klayman represented Bradlee Dean in a defamation suit against Rachel Maddow. The suit was unsuccessful and Dean was ordered to pay defendants’ legal fees, totaling nearly $25,000.[85][86]
National Security Agency[edit]
In August 2015, Klayman represented five former government employees in a lawsuit against the NSA, the Department of Justice, and employees of those agencies. The plaintiffs sought over $100 million dollars in damages for alleged retaliation for complaints about the Trailblazer Project.[87] In February 2016, the plaintiffs voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit.
In November 2014, Klayman filed a lawsuit on behalf of Joe Arpaio, alleging that the Obama administration’s actions regarding federal immigration policy were not authorized by Congress.[88] In December 2014, a federal court dismissed the lawsuit, concluding that Arpaio lacked standing to challenge the policy changes.[89] The dismissal was affirmed by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court declined to hear the case.[90][91]
Dennis Montgomery[edit]
In February 2015, Klayman filed a defamation lawsuit on behalf of Dennis L. Montgomery against James Risen, the author of Pay Any Price: Greed, Power, and Endless War. The lawsuit alleged that Risen falsely described Montgomery as “the maestro behind what many current and former U.S. officials … believe was one of the most elaborate and dangerous hoaxes in American history.”[92] In July 2016, a federal court dismissed Montgomery’s lawsuit.[93] The case is currently under appeal.
In May 2015, Klayman also represented Montgomery in his request to intervene in the contempt proceedings against Joe Arpaio in a lawsuit that initially alleged Maricopa County had engaged in impermissible racial profiling, but later revealed that Arpaio had allegedly hired Montgomery to investigate the DOJ.[94] On Montgomery’s behalf, Klayman asked the judge presiding over Arpaio’s lawsuit to recuse himself; however, the recusal motion was denied in the district court and on appeal.[95]
In June 2017, Montgomery and Klayman jointly sued James Comey and other federal government officials, alleging a coverup of evidence that, according to Montgomery, shows the existence of widespread illegal surveillance by the federal government.[96]
In January 2016, on behalf of five individuals who suffered physical harm after taking Levaquin, Klayman sued the drug’s manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, and Hamburg’s husband, alleging they colluded to enrich themselves by not warning the public that the drug posed health risks.[97] In March 2017, the federal district court dismissed the suit.
Cliven Bundy[edit]
In March 2016, Klayman applied in the United States District Court for the District of Nevada for permission to represent Cliven Bundy in the criminal case stemming from the 2014 Bundy standoff.[98] Chief Judge Gloria Navarro denied Klayman’s request, citing his failure to fully disclose the extent of his prior professional discipline.[99] In October, the Ninth Circuit affirmed the trial court’s decision to deny Klayman’s request.[100]
In March 2017, the Ninth Circuit denied another request by Klayman to represent Bundy.[101]
2017 Berkeley protests[edit]
In June 2017, Klayman filed a lawsuit on the behalf of Kiara Robles, who alleges the University of California, Berkeley and others violated her First Amendment rights when she was attacked with pepper spray during the 2017 Berkeley protests.[102]

In the above video Klayman speaks about the conflice ot interests of Special Counsel Mueller and testimony of James Comey.
In the following video George Webb gives a shout out to Larry Klayman telling him he would like to meet with him to give him possible information to help in his NSA lawsuit.

Published on Jun 7, 2017
Dan V is Dan Donavan of Bellwether IT? David Volz of Baltimore? Thomas Paine in Philly, and Larry Klayman in DC.
In this video George speaks about Larry Klayman’s lawsuit against the NSA and other very important information.  You should watch it, because you will learn so much about the current political war the US is in the midst of.  He, also, speaks about James Comey, and the intent of so many in the government to impeach President Trump.

Published on Jun 10, 2017
Larry Klayman’s Lawsuit at Freedom Watch, NGA Leakers, and Comey vs TrumpI
I just did did a report on IWB about the Awan Brothers, and I will list it here.
Some of you may be familiar with the Investigative Reporter George Webb, who has been reporting on the Awan Brothers for many months now.  I follow Webb, and I believe he is risking his life to expose what is going on inside of our government.  
There are many implications surrounding this penetration by these elite Pakistani spies, who had access to our Nation’s secrets.  I am inclined to believe at this time they may be part of the most elite intelligence agency in the world, the Pakistani ISI.  I had no idea this agency was the most elite in the world.  I will be posting videos to back up what I am reporting.  If you doubt any of this, you must take the time to watch them.  If you did not take the time to watch the above video by Rep. of Texas, Louie Gohmert, you are doing yourself an injustice regarding the truth of the situation we are finding ourselves in here in the United States today.
You must remember under the Obama Administration, these Pakistani Muslims were hired by Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  They have since fled back to Pakistan, but we are being presented by a situation regarding the safety of our troops overseas.  Since the intelligence was leaked by these spies the ISI now knows all the moves our Special Forces are making.  In fact, we have been losing more of our troops as of late in peculiar circumstances.
The following video by Louie Gohmert backs up George Webb’s reporting on the Awan Brothers:
Published on Mar 10, 2017…
Text (starts bottom-right of first page):
“they have taken what they call the Holy Koran and they have eliminated the verses that support terrorism and the killing of Jews and Christians”
“But for now, [radical Islam is] making so much progress in taking over the United States without using violence that right now violence distracts”
“[Obama admin] believed what the often Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated individuals would say: Yes, if we spend that money teaching people to love and accept Islam, then the problem goes away and there is no more violence. ”
“Homeland Security even had a project spending taxpayer dollars to fight radical Islam by teaching schoolchildren pro-Islamic songs to sing”
“They don’t need a background check. We can trust them. We are open-minded. They are Muslims, but we are not prejudiced. We don’t even require a background check because we know we can trust them” – DNC
“Imran [a #AwanBrother] still hasn’t been fired”
#AwanBrotherhood was running a car dealership full time that didn’t pay its vendors. After one Rao Abbas threatened to sue them, he began receiving a paycheck from another Democratic member of the House of Representatives, also from Florida”
“after a friend in an international setting advised me that this person knew of radical Islamic leaders who sent their wives to the United States to have babies so they can bring them back, teach them to hate America, and they would be American citizens. They could come in and out at will. ”
“I kept hearing from people inside homeland security that we were spending more time and effort training our officers to spot Islamophobes than we were training them to understand radical Islam. But that is exactly why Tsarnaev was never stopped, was never picked up and prevented from killing and maiming people in Boston. ”
“The FBI agents, doing the best that they could, being deprived of Kim Jensen’s 700-plus pages of radical Islam that the Obama administration did not want FBI trainees to see and to know. ”
In conclusion, I wish George Webb shelter and pray God will watch over him as he goes forward with his work.  I pray Larry Klayman does take this lawsuit and move forward with full force for Webb and the American people.

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15 thoughts on “George Webb Was Setup – Suing The FBI (Andrew McCabe) – False Reports In CNN And NEW YORK TIMES And Other Publications Defamed Him – Asking Larry Klayman To Be His Attorney.

  1. Be the first to comment? I tried. Apparently asking legitimate questions and sharing honest impressions about the George Webb phenomenon are not allowed here. What was said was not exactly flattering, hardly inflammatory, but will try again. IMHO, if there was a setup, then George was setup by his sources–those who leaked him the information about a dirty bomb threat, which turned out to be false. But that is typical of George, who fails to do his due diligence as an investigative journalist, if, in fact, he can be referred to as such. He claimed that he got his information from no less than six, that’s right, six independent reliable sources, hence his belief in its legitimacy and his alarm. But were there really six? Unless he names them, which, of course, he won’t, we’ll just have to take his word for it. He has revealed some very distinguishing features of at least one or maybe even two of them (thanks a lot George!), which should make them easy to track down, but definitely not six. George has been known to exaggerate. In short, if George can, indeed, be called an investigative reporter, he is an extremely careless and irresponsible one. Take my word for it. I followed his crusade for some months, and lately things have gone from bad to worse. I’d invite you all to tune in to his YT channel and judge for yourselves, but that would only encourage him. IMHO. Tame enough, Pamela? Or will I be censored again?

    • You are good. I understand where you are coming from, but I am a George Webb fan, and I have been following him and reporting on him from day one. I think he has revealed more information than any other investigative reporter. It always checks out for me.

      • Hey, Casara, you’re not so bad yourself. If you’ve been following George since day one, you are exceptional. George has no shortage of “fans”, however, and that may be part of the problem. Y’all let the guy get away with murder. I like and admire George too, but became disillusioned with him when he starting going into his alt reality theories and dissed Rod Wheeler and Liz Crokin by implying they were part of one of his imaginary “school plays”. He never apologized and simply deleted the video where he did. Then he and Jason were ready to claim the Seth Rich reward money, as things were “moving very quickly now” (how many times have you heard George say that) and they were on the brink of solving his murder. Turns out George was too focused on trying to prove Seth was living at his old address to find and interview an actual eyewitness to the immediate aftermath of his shooting, a neighbor at his new address–you know, the one who said he was conscious and ambulatory and didn’t even realize he’d been shot. Things rapidly went from bad to worse with the whole “life-threatening” situation that morning at the NY Marriot, with Johnny the comedian coming to his rescue–how appropriate, what a joke! And then we had the Trish thumbdrive fiasco, which George bungled because he failed to do due diligence and consider its source (Guccifer 2.0), and his drunkeness on air, his falling out with H A Goodman, Dafango, Kim Dotcom (none of whom I care for, btw) and his brother coming out about his attempted suicides, his delusions, his mental instability, his alienating his family, etc. Not that I think his brother is any better off–such problems seem to run in George’s family. And, most recently, we have this dirty bomb thing, with its supposedly six credible credentialed corroborating sources, and the midnight kiss, the treasure lift, the dumping of radioactive material in the Savannah River when anything incriminating failed to show up. Talk about a conspiracy theory run amok! But George is not to blame. Oh, no. If anyone, its the Coast Guard’s fault for failing to follow George’s instructions when they closed down the port, it’s whoever-called-it-in’s fault for failing to clear it with George first, and now it’s his six credentialed sources’ fault for setting him up. That’s when I said enough’s enough. But apparently it isn’t for you and Pam. And more power to you, girls. You all keep following George. After all, he’s entertaining, he’s charming, intelligent and cute. He’s a regular knight in shining armor battling for a noble cause. Just do me one favor, instead of letting him get away saying or doing the stupid things, like the one’s I’ve already mentioned, keep the guy honest by calling him out on his mistakes, and hold him accountable when he fails respond and persist in failing to live up to the responsibilities of an actual investigative journalist and a mature human being. Thanks!

    • I just got your reply, but I have no idea why it is not posted here yet. It is not because IWB is blocking or censoring you. Look elsewhere for that. I think you are extremely smart and a truthseeker. First of all, I think for the most part George has told the truth, but I think it is very difficult being George. I do think he tries his best to get to the truth, but he has reached a phase where he is now in a type of maze…too many characters have stepped in. I have begun to doubt so very much myself.
      Here are just a few:
      1. I do not trust Kim Dotcom. I guarantee you he will never give a testimony.
      2. I do not believe Dave Acton….I have never liked his snotty attitude or his YouTube channel.
      3. I think George has now walked into a place where they are one step ahead of him…I mean those who are trying to impeach President Trump….or you can call them the bad guys, like Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Hillary Clinton….you know the ones I mean. He truly is fighting a war right now, and he cannot trust anyone. I don’t even like Goodman.
      4. As far as HA Goodman, he is confused, too.
      5. George, as he said is a lone wolf, and, of course, he needs money to keep going. My God, he never stops.
      6. As far as keeping him honest, in a game like this, there is no honesty….honesty is replaced with dodging bullets, trying to figure out who is on which side.
      7. Everything I write I believe is true. I believe George is now going to be setup time and time again. They are one step ahead of him.
      8. No wonder he has alienated his family if they are like Dave Acton.
      0. George needs to be more selective on who he trusts.
      10.No one is perfect, but he is trying to get to the truth, but is there any place for the truth in this world?
      11.There is a political war between two factions in the world now.
      1. Those who want to protect the US and Israel.
      2. Those who want to overtake the US and its people, along with those who want to destroy Israel. George does not want Trump impeached, and he loves Israel.
      12. Dave Acton is a player with those who want Trump impeached and does not care for Israel.
      13. George is fighting the same war the American people are fighting….we all are trying to stay alive and to save the United States against the enemies who for instance let the Awan Brothers infiltrate and steal secrets from within the US.
      Oh, and I am both Casara and Pamela. We are one person, and you knew that,, too, didn’t you?

      • As someone who spent years of my life fighting what is now known as then deep state I can assure you that much of what George Webb is dealing with comes from disinformation, fed shrewdly and selectively, and exhaustion, which definitely affects judgement. I wish him well.

        • Thank you for explaining that. And right now George cannot trust any of the players around him. He definitely needs Larry Klayman and fast, as we now he is trustworthy and can protect George’s interest from the Deep State just with his honest character. God bless you.

        • And even if you “cease and desist”, they don’t forget about you. Even though I haven’t been active in a few years, I was “visited” by a couple of “agents” more than a year before the election. Because of that I intend (after I attend to health issues) to re-engage.

          • badon, this is a war I don’t think we are going to win. I am very God oriented, and I believe the Bible is prophecy. I believe we are in the final battle between Satan and God. It is Armageddon, and it will go on for quite awhile. We must take a stand for God or Satan. This is a battle for our souls. Satan is using Islam and pedophilia to wage his war. God is using the power of Christ and the seeds planted in some of us which have grown through our love of the light. However, those who have gravitated toward darkness had their seed to die. The seed inside of us who have grown toward God/Light is now a flower. We are flowers in the garden of God. Just by allowing our seed to grow toward the Light has enabled us to fight the darkness just by being here on earth at this time….by living here….being alive at this time and speaking our truth. Do not put yourself in a position that will kill you. Do what you are doing now….stay alive, speak your truth, be a flower in God’s garden. Remember, this is also a spiritual war….not just a physical war.

          • BTW Disqus just eviscerated my reply before I could post it. Let me try again.
            We are very much on the same wavelength. After I burned out politically, I “went away” to a very dark place for about four years. Just as I was coming out, I was dragged quite unwillingly into God’s service against Evil Spirit, I won’t go into detail here. I am absolutely Christian, could not be otherwise. When it all ended, my heart was a mess and I was pretty sick but I am better now, just in a lot of pain til I see the spine surgeons. I am also having tremendous trouble posting this, Can you email me at I hate to ask but this

      • Casara or Pam, you may have received my reply, but, apparently, no one else will. It’s been deleted. Too much damaging information, I guess–“defamatory”! Now which of you is responsible for that? All kidding aside, thanks for thinking I am smart! Sometimes I have my doubts. If George needs someone to trust, I have done my best to earn it. I’ve even volunteered to be his human shield, 100s of episodes back, but because of the questions I ask, he usually ignores me, unless I’m playing along with his narrative, that is. Now, why is that? If you’re willing to go through the trouble of combing through the comments on the Trish thumbdrive livestream, you’ll see what I mean. You should see his face when I posted “Please ignore this comment!” for like the fifth time. He was not amused. Of course that was only after I had posted a series of serious and pertinent questions which he chose to ignore. Why? Once again, they didn’t fit in with his narrative.
        You can say what you like about Kim D., Dave, and H. A. But are you implying that I am confused, too? Or is it George? I can assure you, things seem pretty darn clear from where I am sitting. No confusion here. Although, I am amazed at the lengths that people will go to rationalize away George’s mistakes and blunders. If he slips up or imagines things, it’s because his enemies are everywhere! Poor guy, I’d be paranoid and drinking myself to sleep, too. And I believe you believe that everything you write is true.
        And thanks for making it clear as to where your true loyalties lie. For some people, that will explain a lot. I do not want to see Trump impeached. But I would like to see him live up to his campaign promises–America first! Don’t seem to recall any that required the US to bend over backwards for Israel. Do you? And, as far as I can tell, Pakistani spies are no worse than any of all of the other foreign agencies that have infiltrated our government. One in particular. And, like many, I don’t care if they are our “allies”! America first! Remember? It is rumored that they’re the ones who have compromised (brown-stoned) many of our leading figures, to insure they stay in line and do THEIR bidding–not the American people’s. The Awans a pipsqueaks and amateurs compared to them. If you think it’s the Russians? Guess again!
        And, no I didn’t know you and Pam were one and the same person. But I would like to know who has been deleting my comments–you know, the ones with all of the “damaging” information. If it isn’t either of you, then who? Does it have something to do with who owns and runs this website? Please let me know if you have a clue.

        • It has happened to me too. It’s not her, quit being paranoid (except when really necessary). I am contacting Disques and I urge you to do the same.

          • Casara, aka Pam Williams, comes on line, my comment disappears. Coincidence or synchronicity? If I’ll be contacting anyone, it’ll be the editor’s of this website. Good thing I’ve been making screencaptures of my deleted comments, so I can prove my case.
            Casara, aka Pam, you two should hookup with George sometime. You three would make a perfect match. Your analysis is so off, it is laughable. Sorry for being so blunt, but there it is.
            And the only satanists I know of are by and large Zionists. So there you go. Now it’s back to reality, I’ve had enough of this. Bye!

  2. OK, KAROOL, THIS IS FOR YOU. I replied to you, but it would not let me reply to your post. You are being censored by someone, but it is not us. I had to copy and paste my reply and post it on my own. Here is my reply that has also been censored.
    I can assure you that who owns the website would not delete anything on my threads unless I asked, I don’t ask unless someone is cussing and attacking me personally, which you are not. I love a good debate, and I am constantly learning, changing, and growing. I am listening to you, and you are affecting me in that I consider everything that is said. I do a lot of research, but most of all I used my gut instinct and intuition, I believe and trust strongly in God, and I trust what he tells me.
    I am getting that you are a very tough Liberal, who is very angry with Trump for instance for pulling out of the climate agreement. On the other hand, me….I know global warming is not manmade, and I know that global warming is in earth/sun relationship. In fact, all the planets in our solar system are heating up.
    Trump is trying his best to live up to his promises, but the Far Left is consumeed with turning America into a Muslim country. Trump does not want that, as he is a true American,, as I am.
    1. Born and bred here,
    2. Lived a good life due to good job, good strong genes and roots, and love the land we walk on….willing to fight to keep it.
    3. Proud and a patriot.
    Now, we have been infiltrated by Satanic/Muslim/Liberal politicians, who are fronting the Deep State who seeks to destroy our boundaries and our sovereignty. They are followed by a long string of politicians who have sold their souls to the Deep State for power and money. It all started with Obama, his Muslim roots and his final transition in Pakistan in 1981. He also was mentored by John Brennan, a communist and a Muslim, who later became Obama’s head of the CIA. Through Obama’s Muslim ties and terrorist ties, and John Brennan leading the CIA, who has dealings throughout the world, the takeover became complete.
    The Awan Brothers, who are affiliated with the Pakistani ISI Intelligence Agency were brought in by Obama to transmit Intelligence to Pakistan ISI. Now they have everything they need to completely takeover America.
    Their only resistance in America is Trump’s love of America. He does not want to lose his home to Muslims and terrorists. He is surrounded by enemies just like George Webb. However, the Israeli Mossad is trying to protect Trump, as they know Trump will stand by Israel.
    You are seeing a huge war between those who want America to survive, and those who only want power and money. Trump is the enemy of the later, as he already has power and money. He became rich in America, and he has raised a family who has also prospered.
    George is surely looking to survive, gain wealth, and rebuild his life. He is extremely intelligent, having the ability to use that intelligence to connect the dots as he says. He wants to be respected, but he does not respect many others. He has been correct in exposing much of what is going on in this world, as with the Clintons, DynCorp, Haiti, rat lines, human trafficking, but he is not perfect. Plus he is a lone wolf, who does not trust easily.

    • I have contacted Disqus, case number 510570. They have a long list of comment complaints ahead of me. Will let you know. This is ridiculous.

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