MSM’s Assault on Trump and His Supporters Continues as Political Violence Accelerates

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by Robert Carbery
love trumps hate
The mainstream media’s assault on the Trump administration and its voters continues. The heated rhetoric has contributed to the rising instances of political violence from the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise to the refusal of service of those wearing Trump-related attire. Violence from the left has been the dominant theme during the six-month Trump administration and it does not appear to be slowing down.
Conservatives shut down a play in the park for 30 seconds and the leftists freak out that they are fighting back.
CNN’s Dean Obeidallah wrote an opinion piece about Trump supporters’ hypocrisy in recent days. He calls it ironic that so many on the right are outraged at the holding up of Trump’s decapitated head by another butthurt celebrity or the Julius Caesar play depicting the killing of a Trump-like figure. Trump voters have a right to be upset as calling for the killing of the president is becoming common place. I am not calling for the silencing of political views from those people I do not agree with. Those on the right are merely asking for a little respect to come from our political opponents. Hold back on the hysteria. Attack arguments not individuals. We’re all Americans, here.
Obeidallah would write that Trump’s words on the campaign trail started this heated rhetoric and even called for and incited violence against those who disrupted his rallies. He calls Trump’s words “far more dangerous than any reinterpretation of a Shakespearean play.” Okay, fine, you can believe that and I’m not going to label you hate speech. Saying, “get ‘em out of here” to an annoying protester bringing to a halt one of Trump’s private events last year is not inciting or calling for violence against the other side. Again, the mainstream media is attempting to craft an anti-Trump narrative for the duration of the Trump administration. And it’s working with at least half of the country that accepts fake news such as CNN, NPR, and the New York Times… just to name a few.
James Kirkpatrick wrote a more enlightening article in The UNZ Review calling for a national conversation. In it, he details how the mainstream media continues to incite violence against Trump, the GOP, and its supporters. All the while, saying that Trump is the one bringing this all on himself.
Let’s look at the new normal today. Kirkpatrick lays it out:  

The fake news narratives continue to be spouted out by institutions owned by large corporations working in coordination to dethrone the duly elected president. In the end, more catastrophes like the Republican Congressional shooting by the deranged Bernie Sanders supporter will shock the country. But should it be any shock when so many of us are being brainwashed by formerly reputable news companies?
Again, from Kirkpatrick, the left’s disinformation strategy:

  • Just before Donald Trump’s election, we were told the Republican campaign had unleashed a wave of terror against racial minorities nationwide, including, most spectacularly, the burning of a black church, with the words “Vote Trump” triumphantly plastered on the ruins. This, of course, turned out to be fake.
  • Similarly, your tax dollars funded a gushing interview on NPR with Heidi Beirich decrying the “almost 900 hate and bias incidents between the election and 10 days later”—with no mention of the fact that many of the tales being circulated by the MSM are as real as the UVA Rolling Stone Rape Hoax [SPLC Has Seen Rise In Hate Crime, Domestic Terrorism Attacks, NPR, May 27, 2017].
  • All of this is reminiscent of how the Black Lives Matter movement continued to use the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” gesture that came out of Ferguson, Missouri, even after it was determined the late Michael Brown attacked Officer Darren Wilson, rather than meekly surrendering as the lying journalists had wanted us to believe.

Facts do not matter to these liberal activists. Journalists have tossed aside any semblance of objectivity in their reporting and are expressing their anger at President Trump not over any specific policy decision he has made or any bill he has signed into law, but because he has “emboldened normal Americans to speak their minds on issues surrounding race, immigration and Islamic terrorism,” according to Kirkpatrick. But of course, any Trump supporter speaking their mind on immigration or race relations or anything not of the Democratic Party line is immediately labeled a racist peddling hate speech which they say is not protected by the First Amendment, the most embarrassing line of them all.
The MSM is attempting to take back control of the narrative from the alternative media, which more and more Americans are turning to since they are sick of the propaganda coming out of the major “news” sources. The false narratives include portraying Trump as a Manchurian Candidate, a Hitler-like figure, and of course, a racist. Therefore, with this kind of nonsense being spewed out and softheads continuing to believe it, they see their violence against white Trump supporters as justified.
Violence will continue to rise as long as the anger is elevated and the leftist media will be the ones responsible for the downward spiraling political discourse transforming into sanctioned political violence countering hate speech.

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