Signature Reduction: Pentagon’s 60K-strong secret force with $900B budget

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* The Pentagon has amassed a secret, 60,000-strong undercover army to carry out domestic and foreign assignments, a new investigation has revealed

* The force is reportedly more than 10 times the size of the CIA’s clandestine operation and includes military and civilian agents ‘in real life and online’

* The agents are ‘trained to create secret identities for themselves, make disguises, and can assume fake identities online to pursue high value targets’

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* The digital sleuths can even manipulate biometric databases of foreign Governments so agents can pass fingerprint checks under false identities

* Newsweek says the force is part of a new front in covert warfare using a little-known espionage known as ‘signature reduction’

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* Signature reduction gives the US deniability on sensitive missions and allows soldiers, civilians and contractors to work under false identities

* While signature reduction operatives are rarely outed, intelligence agents point to the 2013 arrest of American ‘diplomat’ Ryan Fogle in Moscow as one such case


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