So a $10m Clinton Foundation donor gets his Neocon propaganda piece published on Fox. How does that work? #Propaganda

by Ian Shilling
Viktor Pinchuk is a $10m donor to the Clinton Foundation. His self confessed spokeswoman just got her propaganda puff piece advocating for more war in Ukraine, published on Fox News.
So how does that work? I thought that would make a a good anti propaganda article. So I decided to try and write it.

Leaked Emails Expose Clinton Foundation ‘Pay-To-Play’ With Oligarch “To Show Support For Ukraine”

Pinchuk’s “conference” in Yalta in September 2013 was attended by a whole host of Neocons and discussed the Corporate carve up of Ukraine in the up coming Coup (e.g. the fracking of the gas fields in Eastern Ukraine and the sell off of State owned land in the West to plant Monsanto GMOs). Attendees included both Clintons, Tony Blair, the IMF and a host of Neocons.
Contrary to the Fox article, 90% of Crimeans voted to rejoin Russia in a referendum – it wasn’t “illegally annexed”.
90% of Crimeans are ethnically Russian, so naturally wanted to be ruled by other Russians.
Crimea had been ruled by Russia since 1783.
90% of Crimeans didn’t want to be ruled by Nazi anti Russia fascist thugs from Kiev (neither would I).
After watching the mass murder carried out by the Nazi militias such as the Azov Battalion in the “civil war”, Crimeans are very grateful they voted to leave Ukraine in March, rather than suffer the same fate as pro Russia, Donbass.

The Azov Battalion, Nazis, Kolomoyski, Burisma Holdings, the Bidens & Neocons in Ukraine
Obama & Neocon Nuland’s Coup in February 2014 using Nazi thugs as their storm troopers in Maidan, was specifically designed to wreck Ukraine’s economy and start a civil war in the East. Its been very successful.
The standard of living of ordinary Ukrainians has plunged while tens of thousands of ordinary Ukrainians died in the stupid Neocon engineered war.

The complete historical timeline of how the US plotted & engineered the Coup in Kiev, starting in March 2013

Why hasn’t Obama fired Neocon Victoria Nuland as Assistantt Secretary of State?
Why didn’t he fire her as soon as he took office in 2009?
Victoria Nuland is the wife of PNAC co-founder Robert Kagan and the former personal adviser to Dick Cheney
The massive level of corruption among the government and Ukraine’s Oligarchs is now the same, and probably worse, than that of the previous corrupt President Yanukovich.
Unsurprisingly Poroshenko now has an approval rating of about 14%, even after he got rid of the even more widely disliked Neocon Nuland installed Nazi supporting Yatsenuk as PM, a year ago.
The current Speaker of Ukraine’s Parliament is Andriy Parubiy who was the co-founder of the Nazi Svoboda Party and who was in charge of the buildings where snipers murdered over 50 protestors and police in Maidan in February 2014.
Andriy Parubiy should be in jail for multiple murders, not the speaker of a US & EU backed Parliament.

With the current dire circumstances in Ukraine the Nazis are now plotting another Maidan to replace Poroshenko, possibly using the corrupt figurehead and previous darling of the Neocons in Georgia, Saakashvili or possibly (Nuke the Russkies) Yulia Timoshenko.
Much worse is yet to come in Ukraine.
They do not need any more help in killing each other, by the U.S. supplying Kiev with weapons and restarting the civil war.