So is this an attempt by foreign powers to influence an American election?

AMERICA’S CAMP OF THE SAINTS PROBLEM: A vast caravan of unarmed poor migrants are walking* north towards the frontier. A far-right dystopian novel from 1973 foresaw the challenge.

Plus a related question and answer: Did a Univision reporter prove Donald Trump right about the migrant caravan? observes that earlier today, Trump tweeted:

Naturally, as Twitchy goes on to note, the DNC-MSM lost it at Trump’s reference to “Middle Easterners” in the caravan. But as Benny Johnson of the Daily Caller writes, “Bangladeshis Joined Migrant Caravan In Guatemala, Univision Correspondent Reports.”

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* Who is organizing their support infrastructure?

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): If you really believe in the Russia collusion theory, isn’t it obvious that Putin is behind this as a way to bolster Trump? The real kicker will be when Trump meets them at the border with buses that take them directly to the homes of major Democrat donors in California.

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