Social Justice Lunacy: 3 Stories That Will Make You Say “WTF!?”

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by Daniel Carter

The Social Justice movement has elicited laughter, confusion and concern over the years. Their beliefs are so absurd that sometimes it’s hard to tell if they are being serious. Unfortunately for sane people, SJW lunacy is now spreading like a virus throughout Western culture. This week has been jam-packed with some of the most ridiculous SJW-inspired news that I have seen in a while, and that’s really saying something.

Google Vegan Emoji

To start off the freak show, take a look at the tweet below from a Google employee that is responsible for designing emojis.

Google’s cultish quest for “diversity” and “inclusion” has led them to devote time and resources to make sure emojis are politically correct. Apparently, they are so committed to inclusion that they went out of their way to remove an egg from the salad emoji to please the 3% of the population that is vegan. Maybe Google is just afraid of vegan backlash. Vegans can be a hateful group when someone doesn’t properly accommodate their beliefs.

Miss America No Longer A Beauty Contest

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The puritanical SJW movement is now infiltrating long-held American traditions. Since 1921, Miss America has been the premier beauty pageant in the US. However, this week they decided to scrap the swimsuit and evening gown portions of the competition, which will be replaced by an “onstage interactive session” (whatever that means).

So, the beauty pageant is no longer about beauty. Instead of lifting heavy objects, will the Strongman competition be replaced by a singing competition? Will NBA players have a moderated debate instead of a basketball game? What a time to be alive. But, you know what, if Miss America’s contestants don’t want to be judged on beauty, that’s fine. I just think it’s a clear submission to SJW culture.

UK School Says Boys Should Wear Skirts

The most disturbing SJW news of the week came out of the UK. The UK has gone off the deep end as of late. They’re throwing people in jail for reporting on rape, denying young kids medical care and banning knives. Even after all that, I was still shocked and disgusted to learn that a UK school is banning boys from wearing shorts and telling them to wear skirts instead.

The UK has now gone so “Social Justice” that they have turned into a dystopian state. The SJW movement is directly tied to the feminist movement, which spreads the idea that there is something inherently malevolent about masculinity. This hateful idea has gone so far in the UK that they are now beginning to force boys to be more like girls.


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This has been a jaw-dropping week. Many people have predicted that the SJW movement would destroy itself because of its chaotic and divisive nature. Recent news has proven those predictions wrong. These SJW-inspired events can be funny, but I’m afraid the long-term consequences will be quite damaging. Let’s hope Western society will put an end to this nonsense soon.


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