Social media companies like Facebook want government regulation to secure their monopolies.

by ScorpioEagle

Not long ago there was a lot of noise about Zuckerberg’s appearance before Congress. Now the InfoWars shadowban is being pushed. This is in favor of the SM giants. They want government regulation. Here’s how you maintain your company’s existence these days:

  1. Become a giant in the industry.
  2. Befriend members of government.
  3. Create public demand for regulation of your industry.
  4. Proceed to build a giant bureaucracy around your industry that a big company like you can maneuver, but one that will make it impossible for a new startup to handle.
  5. Monopoly is secured as no new competitors enter the arena.
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Don’t be fooled, Facebook wanted to appear like they had crossed the line. They want outrage over the InfoWars ban. This is reverse psychology on a massive scale.