Why we call them #FakeNews: MSM didn’t air live coverage of historic event of US soldiers’ remains coming home from NK

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by DCG

Last Thursday, August 2nd, Americans witnessed history. Wait: Only those Americans watching Fox News.

At that time, Vice President Mike Pence was in Hawaii to lead the Honorable Carry Ceremony to welcome home the potential remains of US soldiers from the Korean War.

We watched it live on Fox News.

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We didn’t see it live on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC nor CBS. Gee, I wonder why? Probably because this was a most historic event that would reflect well on President Trump.

How many presidents before President Trump have secured the remains of US soldiers from the “Forgotten War?”


How many #cablenews outlets broadcast this historic event live? Only ONE.

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Out of the three main cable news networks, only Fox News carried Pence’s address at the ceremony live. CNN and MSNBC, however, reported on the event over the course of their Wednesday night coverage.

Par for the course with #FakeNews.


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