Social Media, Politics, and Trump Supporters

By Gabrielle Seunagal

A strong link between social media, politics, and Trump supporters has gradually developed over the past year. At a time in history where news outlets are tainted with liberal, anti-POTUS propaganda, outlets like Facebook and Twitter have become the greatest ally of conservatives, libertarians, and Trump supporters. The media’s unfortunate decision to demonize and censor Americans on the right political spectrum has manifested in a plethora of ugly ways. A few months ago, a young white man with a disability was brutalized and tortured by four black teenagers, and a CNN panelist blamed the President for it. The media’s disdain and indifference for non-leftists is abundantly clear.


Social media has allowed conservatives, libertarians, and Trump supporters to combat the disinformation that is frequently spewed by leftists and the mainstream media. When news outlets alleged that only uneducated white men supported the President throughout the election, Americans of all races, ages, and stripes were able to express their support of Mr. Trump on their social media pages via tweets, twibbons, photographs, etc. Social media directly impacts politics because it gives a voice to those who would otherwise go unheard. The news outlets that try their hardest to minimize any Trump supporter that does not fit in with their agenda will not silence the patriotic men and women of this nation.

The left has made their strategy of fighting their opposition via censorship and misrepresentation very clear. This course of action is why they will continue to lose elections. The effectiveness of using labels like racist, sexist, and bigoted to control those who disagree with left wing ideologies is very poor. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction; the more liberals attempt to silence conservatives and libertarians, the more we will utilize outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to ensure that our voices are heard.