BREAKING: Reddit Investigation Into The Seth Rich Murder Is Factual, Shocking, And Destroys The Russian Scenario.

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by Pamela Williams
When I read the Reddit Forum Thread on the murder of Seth Rich, I was shocked to see the pieces of the Seth Rich murder investigation fall into place right before my eyes.  I have been interested in finding answers for Seth Rich since the DC Police stopped their investigation.  It did not take much to realize immediately Seth Rich was not robbed, as they led the public to believe.  He was shot in the back by two assailants seen on a grainy video, but they took nothing off the body of Seth.   The robbery conclusion was a hoax fed to the public by a faction within the Washington DC political environment.   
It must be penetrated and acknowledged for what Seth knew it to be, as he bravely gave his life to expose.  Seth was an American patriot and hero, never the likes will be seen again.  He is a dying breed, and he waits in the afterlife for this recognition.  
In June of 2014, Seth Rich joined the DNC as the National Data Director.  This was more than a job to Seth, it was his core and what he lived and died for.   His story encompasses issues  ranging from:

  1. The DNC leaks,
  2. The Hillary Clinton email investigation,
  3. The war within the DNC between Clinton factions and Sanders factions,
  5. The absurd lie “the Russians did it,”
  6.  Murder,
  7. And the massive coverup that encompasses Washington DC.

I believe the voice of  Seth Rich deserves to be heard, and I am proud to do this story.  It is an easy thing to write about, as Reddit has already done the research.  Here is the link to their noble endeavor on behalf of Seth Rich and all Americans who truly care about the battle that Seth Rich fought on behalf of America.
There are facts in this research that shocked me, and I continually do research.  For those of you who are familiar with the Hillary Clinton and John Podesta emails, it is very surprising to know they did not freely share in those emails.  They were suspicious of their emails being spied upon by the “email elves” they called them.  
December 19, 2014 — Hillary refuses to respond to Pedosta for fear of “Email Elves” (Email 8012)
***December 20, 2014 — Hillary and Pedosta have conversation she is afraid to have around “email elves” (202-999-0738, 10am EST)
February 21-22, 2015 — John Pedosta (email 36082) and Robbie Mook discuss leaks apparent in an article by WaPo and discuss making an example of the leaker – with or without evidence.(
When Seth Rich recognized that Bernie Sanders was being exploited and silenced by the Clinton DNC faction he did the following:  January 2016 — Seth Rich creates Pandas4Bernie Twitter, tumblr and FB page.
The following is a timeline of events  leading up to the murder of Seth Rich.  By this time Seth had lost all faith in the system.  He began to realize the depth that the factions would go to in Washington DC to have what THEY WANT.
May 25, 2016 – Date of the last email in the DNC Email Archive released by Wikileaks [** KEY DATE]. Where was Seth Rich on this date? What was his state of mind? Did something happen on or about May 25, 2016 that resulted in Seth Rich losing access to high-level DNC emails? Or did he get one-time access to the DNC emails on May 25, 2016 and downloaded them all then? ?—— Investigation needed.
June 6, 2016 — /u/MeGrimlock4 final post:  (Grimlock is Seth Rich.)
June 12, 2016 – Bernie Sanders endorsed Clinton in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
June 14, 2016 — DNC hires Crowdstrike to find the “Russian hackers” who have been hacking the DNC for over a year. Claims that the past week has included purges to staff to weed out hackers.
July 2016 — After 6 years and over 30,000 posts, /u/MeGrimlock4 falls silent. Final comment is about the awesomeness of food trucks:
July 2016 — FBI recommends not charging HRC or aides for mishandling classified information
July 3, 2016 — DNC is served with a class action lawsuit
July 5, 2016 — Seth Rich is invited to Hillary Clinton’s campaign team according to Joel Rich in an August 16 interview
July 9, 2016 — Seth Rich posts “gun-control” FB post:
The above post is the last expression of a Seth Rich who was disgusted by the sins of mankind, and the next evening he was murdered.  I will quote it here, because you see Seth Rich the human being:

July 10, 2016 – Seth Rich Killed
This video is a compilation of the aspects of the Seth Rich investigation:

Investigator Rob Wheeler was hired by Seth’s family and a third party to investigate Seth’s murder, but now the family says they do not support Wheeler’s findings.
The Fox News report is the first time that anyone has alleged they actually saw evidence that Rich may have been a source of the DNC hack, which has largely been blamed on the Russians. However, Newsweek has now reported that the FBI is not investigating the Rich murder, and is quoting the private investigator as denying he has any firsthand knowledge of purported Rich/WikiLeaks contact.
Fox News is now reporting through the anonymous source that “an FBI forensic report of Rich’s computer – generated within 96 hours after Rich’s murder – showed he made contact with WikiLeaks through Gavin MacFadyen, a now-deceased American investigative reporter, documentary filmmaker, and director of WikiLeaks who was living in London at the time.”
Rich was shot to death on a Washington D.C. city street in 2016 in a murder that remains unsolved. MacFadyen died of lung cancer on October 22. MacFadyen was perceived as being a journalist who’s friendly to WikiLeaks. He was the director of the Centre for Investigative Journalism in London, investigated whistleblowing claims, and helped raise money to pay for WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange’s legal expenses.
Fox News quoted its source as saying, “I have seen and read the emails between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks.” Fox News claims that the federal investigator says “the emails are in possession of the FBI, while the stalled case is in the hands of the Washington Police Department.”
The federal investigator told Fox News that “44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments between Democratic National Committee leaders, spanning from January 2015 through late May 2016, were transferred from Rich to MacFadyen before May 21” and noted that WikiLeaks started publishing DNC emails on July 22, 12 days after Rich was murdered.
In conclusion:
There is much more to be learned from the Reddit Seth Rich murder investigation, and you can read it all at the Reddit link.  I pray that Seth’s great sacrifice of his life for the truth does not go into the night of darkness as his life did.  He was one in a million, and his star shines brightly in the sky of dark nights.  I pray that same star will one day see the light of day, recognizable by its search for the truth and the passion for America that was Seth Rich.  Rest in peace, Seth. We see and know you.

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21 thoughts on “BREAKING: Reddit Investigation Into The Seth Rich Murder Is Factual, Shocking, And Destroys The Russian Scenario.

  1. As usual, the truth is well known and there’s plenty of evidence (though I’m not entirely sure it can make the “beyond all reasonable doubt” test just yet) – but the corporate media and thereby the vast majority of people worldwide ignore it or, if they hear about it at all, call it a “crazy conspiracy theory” because they refuse to look at the facts.
    The corporate media is probably a bigger enemy of the people than even Hitlery Clinton.

  2. The truth is on the internet and it is diametrically opposed to what the mainstream media is telling us. They have built such a fictional edifice of lies and are scurrying so hard to maintain the control which is inexorably slipping from their grasp. “The good thing about telling the truth is that you don’t have to remember anything.”–Mark Twain of course.

    • and that is why the Internet will soon be regulated into something resembling a cable TV channel in the near future.

      • As soon as Jew Tube started deleting videos & shutting channels, Gargoyle started “playing” with algorithms, that’s when I started saving everything I came across that was a “truth” There’s been too much fakt come out to let it be taken away & hidden again.

  3. “. . . .but now the family says they do not support Wheeler’s findings. ”
    Rod Wheeler has told other media outlets he did not get his
    information from FBI sources, contradicting what he said on Monday.
    Rod Wheeler backtracked Tuesday, FOX 5 DC attempted incessantly to
    communicate with him, but he didn’t return calls or emails.
    On Wednesday, Wheeler responded
    via a telephone conversation, where he now backtracks his position and
    Wheeler characterizes his on-the-record and on-camera statements as
    Appears the DNC Powers That Be, got to the family AND the Investigator Wheeler. . . .made ’em an offer they couldn’t refuse.

    • When one who is involved in a contentious case such as this, says something on the record, then the next day tries to “walk it back” & talks about “miscommunication” then only one conclusion can be made. He’s been “got at”, whether by money, of threats to himself or his family. It IS that simple !

    Here’s a 1.7MB zip of three threads I saved from r/The_Donald/ last night, all with information dumps about Seth Rich’s murder. They contain lots of links to details archived in places other than r/T_D. The posters were aware that reddit could not be trusted to leave this information online. Sure enough the entire reddit/The_Donald was taken down shortly after, and remains dark.
    A few other points: Seth Rich was alive when brought to the hospital. Staffer reports he was operated on, stabilized, not considered in life-threatening condition. Then police swarmed the hospital, cordoned off Seth’s room. Later he turns out to be dead. Also, they went to his home and took his laptop. Why take a ‘robbery victim’s’ laptop? Plus close connections turning up between the police responders and the DNC. And the owner of the club where Seth was before leaving (to be killed) had recently had meetings in Obama’s White House. And Seth never got drunk, but that night he left ‘extremely intoxicated’ – or drugged.

  5. /pol/ chan has done a lot of work on this just look at how they busted that professor Eric BikeLock.
    Please don’t say that Reddit is the hero here Pol has been into this and pushing this subject before the President a Trump even won.
    They do the jobs liberal main stream media and the FBI won’t, well Comey isn’t around anymore, maybe we will have some one to actually do their job.

  6. “Damn, we can’t hide it anymore… Oh, wait, I have an idea! How about we just claim Seth Rich was a Russian spy when he leaked those emails? That’ll even improve our narrative, the evil bad Russians are not only attacking us remotely, but have their spies hiding behind every tree right here!”
    — Upcoming Pulitzer price winning journalist of the Clinton News Network (CNN)

    • “And the heroic FBI under brave leader Comey did a great job when they saved us from that Russian spy in self-defense.”
      — Another upcoming Pulitzer prize winner

  7. Seth Rich was alive and relatively stable when he arrived at the medical facility. A few hours later, he was dead. SEIU members were responsible for his care. Someone connected with SEIU insured he did not survive.

  8. Not a shred of evidence for the Russia allegations but it’s all over the news every day and “comedians” like Corbet hammer at Trump and Putin with a feverish, obsessive level of venom. It’s disturbing how widespread and coordinated this is. Meanwhile Seth Rich’s murder is never mentioned in the MSM. This is having unintended but positive outcomes. More and more people are ignoring the MSNBC/ABC/CNN/etc. cabal and are finding the facts for themselves on sites like this one.

  9. “MacFadyen died of lung cancer on October 22.”
    Didn’t the one that shot Lee Harvey Oswald also die of lung cancer while in jail?

  10. I just want to say that I am being attacked by a certain elite group who wants to silence those of us who are speaking out about this murder. I don’t know what we are going to do, but I do know God is on my side…not theirs. I am sick of these handlers of men touching my life in any shape, form, or fashion. If they think for a minute, they will reign over my morals, my spirit, or my ability to make a difference they are very wrong.

    • Sista, you’re fighting the good fight. Your rewards may not be in life, but surely in the life hereafter. Stay strong and DO NOT take the criticism by trolls personally. If it is an active thread, respond intelligently and factually so others can see your response. If the thread is dead, leave it dead if it is a Troll just doin their Satanic Evil work.

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