Society Doesn’t Collapse Rapidly, Its Slow And Not Always Obviously

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Student Loan Debt not just a U.S. problem. Since I graduate back in 2006, U.K. student loan debt has seen a 5 fold increase from $20b to $100b. Bear in mind this was just 12 years ago.

BBG: Official data for the second quarter isn’t available yet, but private data isn’t looking encouraging. PayScale’s index of real wages shows a dramatic deterioration in the period:

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St. Louis Fed issued the stat that likely explains accelerating birthrate declines in the US: “Average net worth of a family headed by someone born in the 80s remains 34% below what past trends would predict for their age group—the worst off, by far, of any generation”

Universal Basic Income is a tool of the elites to keep people submissive and quiet for a meagre and constantly devalued tip.

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