Something Big Coming? NATO Countries are Releasing Urgent Calls for Their Citizens to Leave Russia

by Chris Black

If the Russians can find evidence to prove Washington is behind the terrorist attack on Nord Stream, they are entitled to launch a retaliatory missile strike at whatever CIA/special forces base in Poland or Baltic states it was conducted from.

Would this trigger a formal NATO entry into the conflict?

Who knows.

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But Putin is in the same spot Hitler and the Japanese were in 1941. US lend-lease was keeping the Soviets and to a lesser degree Chinese from capitulating, just as is the (much, much larger lend lease) case for Ukraine now. At some point, this kind of interference needs to start incurring a cost for the belligerent.

After the Nord Stream attack, declaring war on the United States and drawing Washington into a direct conflict may be an option to seriously weigh.

The result of two nuclear powers fighting a conventional war could be catastrophic for humanity, but the psychotic Jews in Washington are leaving them fewer and fewer diplomatic options.


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