Something Just Went BEZERK in the Timor Sea. A US Navy destroyer was swarmed by a flock of Chinese drones

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Skip to 3:30 in this video, to hear the news item about the swarm of drones; probably the dronees were Chinese!

News of a US Navy ship ‘swarmed’ by a ‘fleet of drones’ emerges

A US Navy ship was “swarmed” by a fleet of drones, according to former Australia-China Council scholar Andrew Phelan.

“It’s emerged recently that a US Navy ship was approached by a swarm of drones,” he told Sky News host Chris Smith.

“Now, China’s the global king in merchant marine … it’s also the king of drones – of drone making.

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“And so, when they’re looking at future technologies that might be deployed in times of war.

“Then these are the things that we need to anticipate in the future.”


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