We Are In A Global Liquidation Mode

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World’s Central Banks Unleash Most Hawkish Campaign Since 1980s

The world’s central bankers are unleashing what may prove to be the most aggressive tightening of monetary policy since the 1980s, risking recessions and roiling financial markets as they rush to tackle the surge in inflation they didn’t see coming.

Euro Crisis Could Return: Top European Economist Sounds Alarm After ECB Panic Meeting

Christine Lagarde, ECB President, earlier sounded the alarm that the European economic community could be heading back to dark economic days, with the bank warning of “resurgent fragmentation risks” in a statement. Following the emergency meeting on Wednesday, the ECB pledged fresh measures to limit sell-offs in the bond market.

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Inflation Is Expected To Remain High Later This Year Even As the Economy Slows and Layoffs Rise: NYT

Millions of Americans are feeling similarly stuck as their savings run low and their cost of living runs high. Now, the economy appears poised to slow — potentially sharply — in ways that could limit wage growth and cause job losses even as prices remain elevated.

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A Perfect Storm in Banking Is Brewing

Now that interest rates are rising with much further to go, the global banking system faces a crisis on a scale like no other in history.

Full Force of Central Banks Siphoning World Liquidity

Coordinated or not ahead of this month’s G7 summit, global central banks are accelerating interest rate hikes but also actively draining the giant pool of cash swilling around world markets and buoying currencies to stymie imported inflation. The worrying bit for investors is that it may only be about half-way through and the aggressive tightening unveiled this week shows little…

BURRY’S Final Warning: Every Market is a Trap Doomed to Crash Much Lower…

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