Something Unprecedented Is Happening at Bilderberg 2018

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Here are my notes on the highlights of the video:

Huge convergence of high officials everywhere in multiple, simultaneous meetings and an unusually large number of big players attending, politicians, bankers, military, deep state. Unprecedented.

First time ever that a high-level official from the Vatican will be attending Bilderberg. Representatives from Eastern Europe attending, which is also new.

Bilderberg falls on same day as 3 other big meetings, the G-7 meeting, NATO Defense Ministers meeting, and Russia and China Security Summit with Iran, India and Pakistan, which is very unusual. (NATO and Bilderberg meetings will both be focusing on Russia and regime change in Iran. Looks like they’re on a war footing. Putin responded with warnings of WWIII.) Then a couple of days after these meetings, Trump will be having his summit with North Korea. A lot of meetings between world leaders occurring.

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Bilderberg Meeting Topics:

Populism in Europe, Inequality Challenge, Future of Work, AI, Quantum Computing, Free Trade, USA Before Midterms, US World Leadership, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Iran, “Post-Truth” World, Current Events

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Though they did not elaborate on it in the video, I thought the “USA before midterms” being a topic was concerning. It’s not just the Dems who think the upcoming election is of dire importance. They also have a guy attending who specializes in manipulating social media to fuel internal opposition and used it to foment the color revolution in Iran in ’09.

15:40 – 15:48 Is that Hillary? That woman is just evil. She thinks killing people is funny.




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