What are the massive tariffs and non-monetary barriers that the EU has been putting on the US?

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The EU has either completely banned or heavily restricted most of our meat exports. They claim it’s for health reasons, strangely we’ve never accidentally and repeatedly served people horse instead of beef.

“””free trade”””


While I HATE to use the Compost as a source, they do have some good information on this. archive.fo/i1fEP

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Canada has a 270% tariff on milk with the US, this was routinely bypassed by US farmers ultrafiltering milk. Recently Canada changed their laws to include this too, hurting our farmers.

EU has a 33% tariff on US dairy, the US tariff is 17.5%.

EU has a 10% tariff on autos, US tariff is 2.5%.

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monetary barriers are the games they play, like imposing limits on trade, holding shit up in customs, scrutinizing our products more than others, etc.

This can be interesting to play around with:

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