Soros Buys Himself an “Independent” Fact Check Organisation – Can You Guess Why?

by Mark Angelides

This almost cartoon-like Super Villain, George Soros, has just “donated” half a million dollars to Full Fact, a fact checking charity in the UK. As to why he has done this is anyone’s guess…kind heart, seeker of truth…Or is it perhaps set to be just another arm of his personal propaganda army?
Full Fact is a UK charity. Which means it receives not only a tax exempt status, but is on the receiving end of government money (taxpayer money). A quick perusal of their website will tell you pretty much all you need to know about their politics; and although some may argue that perhaps this is because the “facts” support the Left position (I use the term Left only in the British Parliamentary meaning) on the important issues of the day. But do they really? Or is each “study” setting out to find the answers (and only the answers) that support that side of the argument?
Let’s try an experiment. If I were to ask you what major organizations would likely sponsor such a site for the purposes of promoting Globalism (here I use the term as a broad church, as commenter “Stop Bush and Clinton’ pointed out on a previous article, there are many names for this movement that are purposely obfuscated), which would you suggest? I tried this experiment on a range of colleagues (mostly Americans) and they came up with almost the exact list:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Soros’s Open Society
  • British government
  • European government (EU)
  • Omidyar Network (eBay founder)

And many others. You can check out their 2016 donation list here.
I don’t care that they have a paid for propaganda arm; the politics I follow also does (as does almost every political position on the spectrum), but I do care that the Media and Government Elites will use these supposed “facts” to try and make real people look foolish and ignorant. They will use them to attack people who express an opinion (that may in fact be right), and show that this wonderful “independent” fact checking organization shows them to be not only wrong, but most probably a racist and/or Nazi.
We all use spin and opinion to get our points across (as I gave done here), and we all cherry pick facts that best frame our arguments, there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s human; but this is using the people’s own tax money that they would rather be spent on public services, to fund their own indoctrination. And that is wrong.