Soros is buying Texas

RED FLAG WARNING FOR TEXAS!!! Gov Abbott: “All Americans concerned about losing our liberty to the leftist liberal agenda need to know about Soros spending big in Texas.
Soros Spending Big Money To Turn Texas Blue And Hand America To The Globalists

And why would such a local political race garner the attention of Mr. Soros? Simple. Soros wants to tip Texas blue. He knows that if Texas were to become a Democrat fixture come election time there would never again be a Republican POTUS and the traditional America with sovereign powers and a strong military to protect those powers, would never be again. It’s a simple recipe really. Ten thousand illegals here, forty thousand illegals there, and pretty soon – the state tips to the Democrat side.
In 1984 Ronald Reagan enjoyed a 27-point margin of victory over his Democrat opponent in Texas. In 2012 Mitt Romney took Texas by 16-points over Barack Obama. In 2016 Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by just single-digits in the Lone Star state. archive: