Sound Familiar? 2017 Article in Japan Describes “Mask Addiction”

As mask mandates continue to fall throughout the country in places most never would have predicted just two weeks ago, those of us who have longed for a return to normalcy are breathing a sigh of relief and enjoying the ride.

However, habitual mask-wearers, particularly those aligned with the political left, aren’t celebrating, not by a long shot. Instead, they are clinging to their face diapers like Linus iron-grips his security blanket, and they aren’t about to let go anytime soon. We’ve all seen it play out time and time again with Branch Covidian mask-worshippers we know online and even personally. No amount of data or reason will sway them, but why?

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Turns out, the likeliest explanation for this illogical devotion to their weird face mask god is, in fact, rooted in mental illness, one that was eerily described in an article about Japanese mask addition Tor Ching Li wrote for The Straits Times – in 2017.


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