South Carolina dealership will give car buyers an American flag, a Bible, and an AR-15

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A car dealership in Honea Path, South Carolina, is offering everyone who buys an automobile an American flag, a Bible, and a voucher for a Smith & Wesson AR-15 rifle.

The dealership’s general manager said that the offer reflects the values of their community, and of his team at the dealership.

“We love America, we love God and we like to hunt,” said Derrick Hughes to Fox Carolina.

“We live in a small town where a lot of people like to hunt. [The promotion] appeals to our demographic,” he added.

He said that the voucher for the AR-15 rifle could be redeemed at a local gun shop called Locked and Loaded. They will administer the necessary background check in order to redeem the voucher.

If the voucher-holder does not pass the check, Hughes says they can spend it on other accessories at the store.


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