Special Counsel Mueller Literally Handed Uranium to the Russians!

by Mark Angelides

We all know that the Russian Collusion investigation is nothing but a game to try and distract the population from actually caring about the day to day running of the country, but the charade has gone too far and some serious questions need to be asked; most especially of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
WikiLeaks has put out a document that details then FBI Director Mueller’s itinerary on his visit to Russia to deliver 10 grams of Enriched Uranium. One more time for those who missed it…Mueller hand delivered Highly Enriched Uranium to the Russian government!

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The first question is why on earth is nuclear material being given to a government who at the time (September 2009), the US had what can be best described as a “P*$$ Poor relationship”? Was this perhaps the beginning of Hillary Clinton’s grand sale on American Uranium stores? And of course, that leads to the next question of why was the former FBI Director deemed to be the most suitable person to ferry nuclear material across continents?
When these kinds of materials are transported, they follow set security procedures and use special agencies who not only have massive security details, but are also trained in contamination and containment procedures (with good reason). The idea that a guy who was essentially the Head Cop of the US, would be a suitable courier is laughable; yet the document states that the handover and Chain of Custody would be directly through Robert Mueller.
And then there is the issue of who is presently involved in investigating the American President for potential ties to the Russian Government. Everyone else who had even the briefest of meetings at a party or a political event with a member of the Russian government has removed themselves fearing a conflict of interest, but not Mueller. He is still in place and being held up as a bastion of righteousness and fairness. Some more skeptical folks might suggest that someone who the Russian FSB (formerly the KGB) trusts enough to wander into their lands with some top-grade Uranium, might not be the most trustworthy person to be impartial.
Out of all the Law Enforcement personnel in the nation, is this really the least tainted person that the US government can come up with? And if it is, then why are we even bothering to have an investigation on this subject?
It is ridiculous to assume that Mueller is “just looking for facts” and “following where he evidence takes him”. It is a mockery of what used to be a worthy system. This is all lies and illusion to keep us blind to the fact that NOTHING of benefit will ever stem from a government that is tied to the Republicans and the Democrats. The system is broken and fraudulent, and in the grand scheme of things, the nation’s top cop being a “nuclear errand boy” actually seems quite unimportant.


2 thoughts on “Special Counsel Mueller Literally Handed Uranium to the Russians!”

  1. How many of OUR nuks really will work if needed?
    Will we NEED to find out by USING them FIRST or SECOND ?
    The maximum numbers of nuclear ICBM’s is SET by LAW/TREATY why build MORE?
    WHY NOT trade POWER PLANT nuclear fuels and all other SAFE minerals, NOT PLUTONIUM?
    The Brits are telling the EU they will RETURN Tons of NUCLEAR WASTE on their EU EXIT, thats FULL of URANIUM.
    The CITIZENS of the USA have NO BEEF with Russia, on the CONTRARY the CITIZENS admire the Russian PRESIDENT for his HONORABLE STATESMANSHIP and HIGH class STYLE that our politico TOTALLY LACK!

  2. We need a special counsel to investigate ALL improper foreign and domestic influences on the US Gubermint! Muller needs to be indicted among hundreds if not thousands of others!


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