Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Now Features an Obese Woman

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by Chris Black

I can’t even…

 This is not attractive. It’s not normal to be attracted to fat people. 

If you are attracted to fat beasts, you have a paraphilia.

 Sexual attraction is a natural biological function; men are intended by God and nature to be sexually attracted to healthy reproductive partners.

Being orca fat is far from being healthy, never mind attractive.

Claiming that a fat slob is attractive is an attack on the basic order of nature. No natural man wants to stick his seed into a beast that will probably have heart failure during pregnancy, and will give birth to a child with serious endocrine disorders.

New York Post:

Last week, model Yumi Nu visited her agent for what she thought was a routine interview and career check in.

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But while she was answering questions earnestly, “My agents were in on this little plan,” the 25-year-old told The Post. Midway through the “interview,” Sports Illustrated Swimsuit honcho MJ Day and other staffers from the bikini bible popped out with a camera crew as the cover of this year’s magazine, featuring Nu, filled a nearby monitor.

“I was processing the surprise of it not being a real interview and that this was actually the SI cover reveal. I could not speak. I had full body chills. I was shaking, I was crying. They really got me good,” said Nu.

Her first call was to her boyfriend Dimitri Dinas.

“He was freaking out. He was like, ‘If I were a teenage boy, I’d have a poster of you in my room. Now I’m dating an SI cover star.’ “

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