Russia Says That the West is at War with Russia

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by Chris Black

This is not some kind of secret. The sanctions were a declaration of war, and it is arguable that the move to get the Ukraine into NATO was a declaration of war.

They are currently arming the enemies of Russia, and that has always been considered an act of war. That is how the US got into World War II.


Western powers opposing Russia in Ukraine could be considered enemies waging a war against the state, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday. He pointed out that economic sanctions, the arming of Ukrainian nationalists, and giving them intel to attack Russian troops all amounted to acts of war.

“Sure, we are still using the mild term ‘unfriendly states’ when referring to them,” Peskov told an educational forum.

“But I would say they are hostile states, because what they do is war.”

He cited the decision to freeze Russian foreign reserves that the country kept in Western financial institutions and discussions about giving the money to Ukraine as an obvious attack on property rights, the cornerstone of Western civilization. “That was money that you and I own,” Peskov told the audience. “It was stolen from us, it is being stolen from us.”

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Russia’s opponents are playing a more direct role in their attempts to hurt Russia in their “hybrid war,” the official said.“Not only American but also British military advisers are telling armed Ukrainian nationalists what they should do and provide intelligence to them,” he explained.

Yes, that is also an act of war.

It’s all war. Many in the US are admitting that the US government is totally at war with Russia.

In fact, Jen Psaki basically admitted that recently. 

That comes after several members of Congress have come out and said we’re at war.

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So this isn’t really disagreed on by either side, there is just so much absurd obfuscation in the media.


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