Step Back Or It's War! Kim Vow To Hit Trump, China Issues Stern Warning, Standoff Triggers CIA Threat…

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‘We will pulverize the headquarters of evil and ruthlessly ravage US troops’: North Korea makes menacing boast it will take on Donald Trump with ‘merciless’ strikes on South Korea and US bases as China warns of ‘war at any moment’

  • Vice Minister Han Song Ryol accused Trump of building up a ‘vicious cycle’ of tensions on the Korean Peninsula and pointed to his ‘aggressive tweets’
  • The military said it would target US bases and ‘headquarters of evils’ including the South Korean presidential Blue House if it was attacked
  • Han blamed the US and Trump for growing tensions, citing military exercises with South Korea and the deployment of a US aircraft carrier to the peninsula
  • Han ominously warned the US the state would ‘go to war if they choose’ and vowed to continue accumulating nuclear arms
  • Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said anyone provoking conflict would ‘pay the price’
  • Pyongyang is preparing to mark its national ‘Day of the Sun’ tomorrow to commemorate the birth anniversary of its founding president Kim Il Sung
  • US officials told NBC the US was prepared to launch a pre-emptive strike to halt a nuclear test, but a member of the Trump administration denied the report 
  • US Vice President Mike Pence will travel to South Korea on Sunday in what his aides said was a sign of the U.S. commitment to its ally

He knows he can’t win but it would be an unimaginable humiliation for him to back down: In a deadly game of dare, Kim Jong-un will take the suicide option, says MARK ALMOND

As millions of North Koreans celebrate the Day of the Sun today, marking the birth of their cruel dynasty’s founding dictator, Kim Il-sung, his grandson’s nuclear ambitions have put the nation’s fate on a knife-edge and threatens peace throughout East Asia.

The chubby young tyrant, Kim Jong-un, has enjoyed playing the unpredictable despot ever since he inherited power in 2011. Now he is playing with fire.

This is a leader who would willingly take his small, poverty-stricken country to the brink of war with the world’s only superpower.
China says North Korea tension has to be stopped from reaching ‘irreversible’ stage
China said on Friday tension over North Korea had to be stopped from reaching an “irreversible and unmanageable stage” as a U.S. aircraft carrier group steamed toward the region amid fears the North may conduct a sixth nuclear weapons test.
Concern has grown since the U.S. Navy fired 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airfield last week in response to a deadly gas attack, raising questions about U.S. President Donald Trump’s plans for North Korea, which has conducted missile and nuclear tests in defiance of U.N. and unilateral sanctions.
The United States has warned that a policy of “strategic patience” is over. U.S. Vice President Mike Pence travels to South Korea on Sunday on a long-planned 10-day trip to Asia.
China, North Korea’s sole major ally and neighbor which nevertheless opposes its weapons program, has called for talks leading to the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

Rogue states like Iran face tougher action as US says nuclear attack by North Korea ‘closer than ever’

Rogue states such as Iran face tougher military action from America under Donald Trump, the director of the CIA has warned, as he said the US is “closer now than we have ever been” to the threat of nuclear missiles from North Korea.
Mike Pompeo urged Iran to “take note” that Donald Trump’s missile strikes against the Syrian military were a sign the White House was “prepared to engage in activities that are different from what America has been doing these past few years”.
His comments came as China warned that military conflict over North Korea’s nuclear weapon’s programme could break out “at any moment”as a stand off with the US approached breaking point.
Tension over the rogue state’s arsenal risks reaching an “irreversible and unmanageable stage” as a US aircraft carrier group steamed towards the region amid fears Pyongyang is on the verge of a nuclear weapons test that would trigger US retaliation.

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North Korea displays apparently new missiles as U.S. carrier group approaches
North Korea puts on a show for Day of the Sun
N. Korea sends radio broadcast of new encrypted numbers ahead of key anniv.
ICBMs paraded…
Kim Jong Un & Donald Trump ‘both unstable bullies’ – professor

President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un seem intent on ever-more intense provocations. Trump is widely believed to be considering a preemptive strike and has increased the US military’s presence on the Korean Peninsula. Author and professor of nuclear studies Peter Kuznick joins RT America’s Manila Chan to offer his analysis of the tense geopolitical situation.


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