WikiLeaks BREAKING: "CIA orders to hack Le Pen & other French presidential candidates"… Facebook suspends 30,000 pro Marine Le Pen accounts

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“CIA orders to hack Le Pen & other French presidential candidates”
CIA espionage orders for the 2012 French presidential election


Facebook Suspends 30,000 Pro Marine Le Pen Accounts

PARIS (AP) — Facebook says it has targeted 30,000 fake accounts linked to France ahead of the country’s presidential election, as part of a worldwide effort against misinformation.
The company said Thursday it’s trying to “reduce the spread of material generated through inauthentic activity, including spam, misinformation, or other deceptive content that is often shared by creators of fake accounts.”
It said its efforts “enabled us to take action” against the French accounts and that it is removing sites with the highest traffic.
If Le Penn wins it’s pretty much lights out for the EU. They’ll hang on as long as they can after but it will be over. The biggest benefactor of the EU is China. It is China biggest export destination because they treat the EU like one country and make deals with the unelected EU members and not the countries elected leaders themselves.
So if Le Penn gets elected it breaks up a monopoly China and the EU have on commerce and politics in Europe and pretty much destroys any chance of the longterm globalist agenda there ever coming to a reality.
It’s a huge deal to stop Le Penn for a lot of very big parties involved. I don’t think people realize what the significance of her winning really would be.
How Marine Le Pen is facing wipe out in French election after COMPUTER BLUNDER

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A MONUMENTAL computer blunder could cost Marine Le Pen the French general election as 500,000 citizens living outside of France have the chance to vote twice.
Half a million people received duplicate polling cards in the post, which would allow them to cast two votes at the first round of the election, held on April 23.
French authorities confirmed they would not be investigating the potential electoral fraud until AFTER the election, when retrospective prosecution may take place. This could crush Ms Le Pen’s dreams of surging to power, as most French nationals living outside of their country are not right wing..
‘Blunder’ – yeah right. Bastards.


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