Steve Bannon A Traitor Now – A Hero Then – “Q” Speaks – The Internet Listens – Discernment 101.

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by Ruby Henley
I never trusted Steve Bannon – ok maybe in the beginning, but after I read of his relationship with a certain someone, who used to work at Breitbart, I became suspicious of him.  I won’t say any more about that.
Now, we know he was the “insider” who gave Michael Wolff access to the meetings at the White House.  Talk about a setup, or maybe it was Bannon’s insurance policy.  He now says he still supports President Trump…really?
What Bannon needs to realize is he betrayed me, as I am a Trump supporter.  I was a Bannon supporter in the beginning and even when he left the White House.  Remember how he was going to fight the Deep State from the “outside” by writing at Breitbart?
Good grief, Bannon, you are worse than the Deep State!  
Did Bannon really talk behind Trump’s back?  Yes, he did!  Bannon had to feed his ego by talking to outsiders, exaggerating his power in the Presidency.  Actually he was nothing more than a mere blow-hard.  The reason he allowed Wolff access to the White House was ego-driven.  Did he know about the book?  Again, was the book his insurance policy if he got dumped?
President Trump trusts too easily, but I do, too.  When one wants to believe there is good in all human beings, one finds betrayal waiting around every corner.  Trump once said he would be willing to meet with North Korea’s Lil’ Kim one on one.  However, his Advisors got rid of that idea really fast.
He was innocent in the beginning of his campaign.  He would speak of most people as “a really good person.”  Remember when he was first asked about Hillary?  He said, “they are really good people…I don’t want to put them through anymore.”  But, alas, he found out the hard way that the Clintons were not really good people.

“Michael Wolff is a total loser who made up stories in order to sell this really boring and untruthful book. He used Sloppy Steve Bannon, who cried when he got fired and begged for his job. Now Sloppy Steve has been dumped like a dog by almost everyone. Too bad!”
And too bad the reviews are in for Wolff’s fake news book. Hats off to Norah O’Donnell at CBS THIS MORNING! She was able to get to the truth quickly in her interview with Michael Wolff.
Did you speak with any members of the President’s Cabinet for this book? “I did not.” Did you speak with the Vice President? “I did not.” Michael Wolff on @CBSThisMorning
Wolff looked like the fake that he is.  Thanks, Nora O’Donnell!
Wolff also said he never interviewed President Trump.  The only personal contact he had with Trump was when he said “Good morning” in passing.  So Steve Bannon was his source, and both he and Bannon lose.  Sometimes there is justice in this world.
The following is from the source:
“Twenty years ago, the now-defunct Brill’s Content took a hard look at Wolff’s book Burn Rate, a memoir of his time as a dot-com hustler, and charged that one of his characters was actually a composite of three people. Likewise, seven of Wolff’s main characters and six others who were either portrayed in or familiar with events in his book claimed he “invented or changed quotes,” and none remembered him taking notes on or taping their discussions…
Personally, I’ve enjoyed reading Wolff over the years. You can call him many things (see the preceding paragraph), but never dull. I do not know Wolff nor can I vouch for his credibility. Though I should add that a mutual acquaintance of ours, after spotting an anecdote he’d casually tossed off to Wolff turn up in Fire and Fury, reported this to me of Wolff’s seemingly slack methodology: “[He got it] from me, which I got from a woman on the beach in Florida, who heard it in a carpool line. Literally. I had no idea he was including it. That guy is a serious bullshit artist. Wow.”
Yep, fake news is what “Fire And Fury” is!
The reviews are in!

Now, I want to mention someone in the Trump Administration, who has been a blessing to Trump and this Country.  That someone is Admiral Mike Rogers of the NSA.  Unfortunately, Admiral Rogers has recently announced his retirement as Director of the NSA.
I am sure Admiral Rogers is ready to retire, as he has lived “cloak-and-dagger” for quite some time now.  He risked his own personal well-being to protect this Country and to expose the criminalites of the Obama regime.
We have to go back in time for this story.  Thus, on November 19, 2016, the “Washington Post” reported the following:
“The heads of the Pentagon and the nation’s intelligence community have recommended to President Obama that the director of the National Security Agency, Adm. Michael S. Rogers, be removed.
The recommendation, delivered to the White House last month, was made by Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter and Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr.”
Obama was unable to remove Admiral Rogers for whatever reason, but thank God Obama failed.
Most of you know the NSA knows everything.  They monitor the globe – not just the Country.  Rogers has been at the top of processing information for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence purposes.
Thank God he is a moral man and had access to the Nation’s secrets.  He knew what Obama and his Administration were doing.  He kept those secrets close to his vest until he had to right Obama’s wrongs.  He knew Obama was spying on Trump the candidate and Trump the President.
On November 17, 2016, NSA Director Admiral Rogers paid Donald Trump, the candidate, a visit in Trump Tower.  However, it was not spoken about.  But on that same day, you might remember, the Trump Transition Team announces they are moving to the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.
We can also look back at when President Trump said he had been “wiretapped.”  President Trump says many things, almost as if he were psychic, but he never gives up sources.  
You may remember the following press conference by Devin Nunes.

“I will say this.  The NSA has been very, very helpful.  They are in constant communication with our team.  I have spoken to Admiral Rogers about these concerns, and he wants to comply as quickly as he can.  I think the NSA is going to comply.  But I am concerned whether the FBI will comply or not. I have seen intelligence reports that clearly show that the President-Elect and his team were at least monitored and disseminated out in intelligence recorded channels.”
Thank you, Admiral Rogers, for your loyalty to the United States of America.
In conclusion, I am going to comment on the famous “Q,” who posts on the Forum 4chan.  Most of you are familiar with these communications.  I have not really been a fan, nor have I kept up with his postings.  However, one did get my attention.  
The following video explains how I, too, feel about the postings and firestorm that “Q” has ignited within the Internet community.  I could be wrong about this, and if I am, I still will not regret this article.  I do rely on my own inner discernment, but that does not mean I am always right.
Each and every one of us must use our own personal “gut instinct” or “first impression” during these times of the worst deceptions in the history of mankind.  I cannot tell you what to believe, and you cannot tell me; however, we can “hear each other out” and reflect on what we share.  In the end, you and I must go our own way, and attend to our own inner personal relationship with God.  If our intentions are pure, we will be able to be at peace with ourselves and our Creator.
I hope you will watch the following video, as this woman and her YouTube Channel, Citizens Investigative Report, expresses what I feel about the “Defcon 1” remark by the “entity Q” recently.  He was wrong to make this “remark” or give this “clue” to his followers.  This is a matter of National Security, and it cannot be used lightly.   
One must consider this misuse of “Defcon 1” very carefully.  One must also realize Twitter has the ultimate control of our tweets.  Don’t kid yourself – they can change any word or phrase they want, and one might never see it.  Yet, others might.  
I am not convinced that “Q” is connected to President Trump.  However, I am convinced that “Q” has gotten many of our best citizen investigator’s attention.  There are many videos daily on YouTube about “Q” and his riddles.  Many intelligent YouTubers spend their time investigating each clue “Q” puts out.  Is this really what some of the best minds on the Internet should be doing with their precious time?
Further, do not forget what has just happened with Steve Bannon.  Honestly at one time, you could never have convinced me that Steve Bannon was a traitor.  Yet, that is what I now consider him to be.  Pray for discernment, as Jesus said deceptions would run rampant at this time.  God bless America.

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16 thoughts on “Steve Bannon A Traitor Now – A Hero Then – “Q” Speaks – The Internet Listens – Discernment 101.

  1. Glad to see your back. I haven’t got anything from IWB for a couple weeks until now. We’re you down or was it getting blocked?
    As for Bannon, I was hoping he was real since he was a naval officer. It appears he is not. What do you know about him supposedly takin some big change from a Chi-Com Billionaire business man in NYC wanted by Red China?

    • Hey, Mac! We have been down to upgrade to a new site, but we are having technical problems. It will be another two weeks before we are really finished. Bannon had made friends with a Chinese criminal, and he has been advising him for quite awhile. Bannon has been a fraud from the beginning. It is hard to believe, as he seemed to be our hero. It just proves one cannot really tell the forest from the trees in politics. Honestly, when that Milo said Bannon took him under his wing, I did a double take then. Bannon is the reason that Michael Wolff was in the White House in the first place.

      • I know you have thought of me as paranoid for a while. No sweat. I question myself many times. As a Libertarian, I disapprove of Milo’s lifestyle, but as long as he keeps it to consenting adults and doesn’t throw it in my face I don’t care where they stick what where! Was he a plant to chip off a little more of the evangelist support from Trump?
        I am constantly lookin for indicators of Controlled Opposition. I believe I have told you about the Trump flags, even with Soros. Did I ever tell you about the John Birch Society and it’s likely financing of it’s creation and runnin by John Rockefeller? Or about Larry McDonald, the second elected president and sittin Democrat Congressman from Atlanta, and his and his expanding the JBS to go against the International BANKSTERS as well as the Commies? Then there is his demise on the KAL 007 flight 3 months latter. Very suspicious. If you are NOT familiar with it let me know. It is a very important pat of your education along with the JFK assassination (EO 11110).
        Just remember everything is fixed and we are like cattle goin up the slaughter chute with the light at the end of the chute where the killin takes place!
        Lastly, we must support Trump to the end. If nothing else he is the last rally flag we have in this losin battle against the globalist. We WIL NOT turn the tide until indictments are issued against Clinton, Obama and other globalist puppets. Which has NOT happened yet !

          • So do I. IF the indictments do NOT come in the first half of 2018, it is OVER!
            To quote a long dead British politician, Trump will have to be caught red handed with a dead women or an underage boy for me to abandon him!

          • Be careful what you wish for. The country may not be able to handle the revelations of the corruption. A better strategy might be able to drain the swamp by retiring them all and getting new loyal talent.

        • What if it is Trump who is the one leading us up the “chute?’ How do you know for sure? Both he and his son-in-law have outstanding loans or received loans from Soros. Trump is the elite of the elite, and if not still, was both a Democrat and very good friends with Bill Clinton. Look it up, all true.

          • Of course. Clinton and Obama were made by the Agency for the Globalist. The Bushes, starting with Prescott ARE the Agency. LBJ was a simple manipulated crook and THEY shoot Reagan to put him in his place and let Bush I run things. Of Course, JFK, son of the ultimate BANKSTER Cook actually considered America’s best interest and signed EO 1110. Mess with da FED, ya END up DEAD!
            However, whether Trump is real or NOT; We MUST follow him to the end. He is our LAST earthly hope!
            Git right with G-d NOW! End Times be acommin!

    • I did want to mention to you that my series of articles on the UN and Chicago got me noticed by the UN…all I will say…not good.

      • It is definitely bad news for you but good news for your work against Satan’s Beast’s NWO and salvation.
        Since you mentioned Chicago did I ever tell you about Loretta Jean Fuddy and Sebud. It is an off shoot of Islam from an Indonesian who claimed to be the Last prophet sent from Allah after Mohammad. It has about 25 thousand , or perhaps it was 10 thousand followers located in Hawaii, Chicago and Indonesia! Obama even looks like him. and the time line could work out. LOL!
        Supposedly Obama’s mother was a follower as well as Fuddy who was a big shot in the cult and was the one who FOUND Obama’s second photo shopped birth certificate. She just happened to die in the drink in Hawaii and was the only one who died after the plane accident/ditchin from a heart attack the week before she was scheduled to testify tin front of Congress about Obama’s birth certificate. The count is always bein increased, just not reported!.
        I warned you. No LOL! However evil will always triumph when good people do nothing in the face of evil!
        Since you mentioned the UN and the resultant globalization. Please research Democrat Larry McDonald and KAL 007. It is a mind opener what THEY will do to wack someone. Even take down an entire airliner full of people. These scum do NOT care how many eggs THEY crack to make THEIR omelet!
        Stand upright with G-d as your support! My prayers are with you!

          • They may not come up anymore on a regular google search. The Subud and Obama’s mother and Fuddy have practically disappeared via 1984 memory hole. There were a couple dozen good articles on it just about a year or two ago. Most have fanished!
            So True, in G-d we TRUST!

          • Obama was a deep state CIA Manchurian candidate 100% shielded by the Operation Mockingbird media. . I would have thought you would have known that.

          • Why would you think I don’t. I have an extensive Discus record.
   for US Senate, Kentucky, 2020 Ditch da Mitch
            No BANKSTER, PoliTick, Judge, Crony Corporate Fascist or Traitor too Big to JAIL or Impeach!
            I thought you would find the Obama Momma/Fuddy/Subud /Hawaii/Chicago/Indonesia connection interesting. Since his momma was a loan officer for the World Bank or IMF for Pakistan and Indsonesia that reakes of Agency connections also. She was supposedly a personal friend of little Timmy Geithner when his daddy was stationed in Hong Kong or Red China.

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