Stock Markets Are In A Crucial Place

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By Harry Dent

I’m coming to you today from Myrtle Beach, where my entire family gets together for their annual reunion. It doesn’t matter where I am though, I watch the stock markets like a hawk. And right now, the markets are in a crucial place…

We’re back to testing the highs and things can go either way here. Stock Markets could break down 25% in the near term… or they could shoot up 25% in the next several months in the final blow off Dark Window rally before the big crash.

But today, while I touch on my market targets for the rest of the year, I really want to talk to you more about the unusual activity we’re seeing in bitcoin and bond yields… and even more so, the two wild cards hanging over the markets right now.

We all know the U.S.-China trade deal is one of those wild cards… but the second one is much newer and potentially far worse.

Watch now to get all the details…

Harry Dent: Market Trends, Trade Deals, Mideast Turmoil

The opportunities to take advantage of this "dark window" are dwindling as the markets rise to more dangerous levels. Watch this week’s update from Harry Dent as he reviews how world events are shaping up your economic future.

Posted by Economy and Markets on Friday, June 28, 2019

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