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As the business of leasing and renting industrial equipment to construction companies and other related industries have grown to become a trillion-dollar market, businesses that do not control the required resources to make these properties outright have found a viable solution in dealing with Strongbox. Having celebrated its 15th anniversary, Strongbox has become the go-to business for companies in such industries as oil and gas, mining, construction, and many others. As the marketplace has grown in recent years, Strongbox has expanded its inventory to accommodate construction vehicles and earth movers and much more. To understand why clients frequently rely on Strongbox for numerous kinds of modern rental equipment and assistance, here are some additional facts you will want to retain.


The All-Around Player: Construction Vehicles


On virtually any construction job, various types of construction vehicles will be needed, including mixer trucks, cargo vehicles, crane trucks, and many others. Nevertheless, since these transports are costly to purchase, organizations may feel as if they have few alternatives in these circumstances. However, by building a working relationship with Strongbox, these and other carriers can be rented at affordable prices. Whether required for only a day, a week, or even months at a time, clients can get the customized clarifications they need with Strongbox.


The Beginning: Earth Moving Equipment


For any construction project to get started, teams need to move enormous quantities of earth. Because of this, it is more valuable than ever to have equipment on the job site that is state-of-the-art, reliable, and can be used most efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Thus, companies that put their trust in Strongbox will not be disappointed. Offering such versatile machines as skid steer loaders, excavators, and bulldozers, workers can perform a variety of tasks such as hauling earth, breaking concrete, digging trenches, and much more.


Ever-Changing Technology


As complexity grows around construction projects, the equipment needed by workers to complete various tasks is using technology that is changing rapidly in a short time. Because of this, it is crucial for businesses in need of tools have that which is currently setting the industry standard for excellence. At Strongbox, we realize this is essential to a company’s success now and in the future. Therefore, we make sure our inventory of equipment is the best of the best, guaranteeing our clients that the equipment they rent will let them complete their projects in an efficient manner that saves money and time. In doing so, they reduce labor, eliminate depreciation values, and various economic factors that produce industry uncertainty can have a minimal impact on a business.




Since the construction industry is reliant upon various financial trends and factors, many firms are hesitant to make large purchases of equipment, even if it is essential to their progress. In these situations, it makes far more sense to lease equipment, rather than risk using up valuable capital that could be put to use in other areas of a company to help in its growth. Therefore, it pays to rely on a company that has the expertise, knowledge, and vision needed to help companies in the construction and other related industries succeed, even in challenging economic times. For those businesses that choose to rely on the expertise of Strongbox, they realize they are getting a company that, at its core, is determined to help each client achieve profitability and cost-efficiency.


Strongbox Company Growth       


Because the founders of Strongbox came together with backgrounds in construction, heavy equipment, and engineering, they can offer a different perspective when it comes to businesses that are trying to achieve significant growth while still keeping expenses to a minimum. As a result, Strongbox can work with companies in ways that others simply cannot. By understanding the vast number of different tasks that are involved in construction projects, mining operations, oil and gas drilling operations, and much more, Strongbox can provide an inventory of tools and equipment that one would use in any specific plans. Equipment pieces such as rollers, compactors, attachments such as backhoe buckets, forklifts, and boom lifts, and even heavy-duty industrial carry deck cranes. Whether needed for a one-day job or a one-year project, Strongbox can produce the required equipment at inexpensive prices.


Industry-Wide Experience


Because Strongbox started as a small company with three partners and has since grown to include close to 50 sales reps, employees, and partners, it has been able to obtain a tremendous amount of industry-wide exposure over the past 15 years. As a result, when clients communicate with us wanting advice on how to get the equipment they require without investing large sums of money, we can work with dozens of seasoned industry professionals to come up with the best possible solution. In doing so, clients can obtain peace of mind, knowing the advice given is done so by those who have been in their place at some point along the way.


With an inventory that includes the most modern equipment available in today’s equipment leasing industry, Strongbox is leading the way in helping companies large and small accomplish their goals of maturity, productivity, and profitability.



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