Strzok and Page Got Bonuses for Hillary Clinton Investigation

They got bonuses for the Hillary investigation:
2016-10-20 INBOX
00:34:16, Thu
You got a bonus from MYE. 
2016-10-20 INBOX
00:37:04, Thu
Just write, look, l’m supposed to get some small amount , [redaction] or something, for MYE. Pius some time off. Then do 4-5 days. \ n\nPlease. l insist. 1’11 make up the $ in per diem in London„ 
From Page 410 of Appendix C Documents
For those who haven’t been able to follow this closely, MYE stands for Mid Year Exam:
“MYE” is a reference to “Mid Year Exam,” the FBI’s code name for the Clinton probe.
Link an image of the page with the emails discussing the bonuses:

And a snip of just those two emails:

h/t Daniel Higdon