Students Confused – Father Reports Student Told Expect Active Shooter Drill.

by Ruby Henley
Students at the Parkland, Florida High School were so confused they thought the pop, pop, pop sound came from an active shooter drill.  A father reports that a student told him “ they had a fire drill and were supposed to have an active shooter drill.”
A new aspect MSNBC is reporting is new to me.  Senator Bill Nelson, Democrat, from Florida said the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, wore a gas mask and used smoke grenades “so the kids would come out in the hallways and thus, he had the opportunity with crowded hallways to start picking off people.”
Student Rebecca Bogart wasn’t sure whether the reports of shooting were a drill at first.  The school had a fire drill earlier that day, and she knew it was common to do an active shooter drill.  When she saw windows shattered and a bullet near the blinds she finally realized the bullets were real.
It seems to me that these drills are becoming too common to students; therefore, they can not be expected to distinguish between them and reality.  I think this is the real problem we have here.  Plus the fact that Nikolas Cruz was ignored by authorities, namely the FBI.  
The chaos caused by the active shooter drill is remarkably clear now.  It turned the students into sitting ducks.  They simply were unaware, because these drills were commonplace to them.   I think the system needs to understand they are desensitizing students and school staff.  It reminds me of the “boy who cried wolf.”   
The following video is one you need to watch.
Published on Feb 15, 2018
I have uploaded this video for preservation for the American people. I found this looking around YouTube and want to get it to more viewers for information purposes and immediate research. Please download immediately and share on all mediums.
Here is ANOTHER video of the reporter laughing, along with Representative Deutsch (Below)
Parkland – Reporter Can’t Keep It Together CNN – Ted Deustch 02/14/18
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Florida school shooting student admits to “drills” on day of shooting
In the following  you will hear a father report what a student told him about an active shooter drill.

Father reports student told him they had a fire drill and were supposed to have an active shooter drill.
The following video shows very clearly how confused the students and the staff were by the active shooter drill.

Student Isabella Gomez and her Spanish teacher Alicia Blonde join Ali Velshi from Parkland, FL. Blonde has been teaching at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for 18 years and taught the suspected shooter Nikolas Cruz.
The teacher, who taught Nikolas Cruz said he was Mexican, who did not identify with his heritage.  She said she had tried to draw him out, but he was very quiet.
This is such a mentally handicapped young man, who was ignored by the system.   Now he is someone who will be eaten by the system and thrown away.
You must read the following, as you will understand the horror of Cruz’s mental state.  He spoke on social media about how shooting would be fun.  He pointed his new gun at the camera and posted it on social media.  The video on the following page will stun you, and you will ask yourself how did this go unnoticed.?