STUDY: Coffee Before Shopping Can Lead You To Spending More Money

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TAMPA — Coffee and credit cards may be a financial planner’s worst nightmare, according to researchers from the University of South Florida. Scientists report shoppers who sip on a complimentary cup of coffee before shopping ended up spending 50 percent more money and buying 30 percent more items than their non-caffeinated counterparts.

“Caffeine, as a powerful stimulant, releases dopamine in the brain, which excites the mind and the body. This leads to a higher energetic state, which in turn enhances impulsivity and decreases self-control,” says lead study author Dipayan Biswas, the Frank Harvey Endowed Professor of Marketing at USF, in a university release. “As a result, caffeine intake leads to shopping impulsivity in terms of higher number of items purchased and greater spending.”

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To reach these findings, researchers set up an espresso machine at the entrances of a retail chain and home goods store in France, as well as a department store in Spain.


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