Study: Media’s Biased Coverage of the Election Likely Handed the Presidency to Biden

The media truly are the enemy of the American people.

A study conducted by the Media Research Center suggests biased media coverage may have tilted the election in favor of President-elect Joe Biden.

The study consists of an analysis of eight major news stories that the MRC suggests were not covered appropriately, along with a survey of how that coverage affected the election.

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It shows that a very significant 17% of Biden voters would have abandoned the candidate if their knowledge of the issues had been different.

Imagine how many would have actually gravitated to President Trump had the media coverage been even vaguely fair to him and his presidency.

The topics that the MRC felt were not covered fairly include:

– Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against Biden.
– The Hunter Biden scandal.
– Kamala Harris’ radical left-wing platforms.
– The jobs recovery during the pandemic.
– Economic growth in general.
– Trump’s historic Middle East peace agreements.
– America’s energy independence under Trump.
– The success of Operation Warp Speed in developing a vaccine for COVID-19.

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The combination of “burying Biden’s bad news” and “hiding Trump’s successes” proved fatal in swing states, the report claims.

h/t rustyweiss74