Subway removes ham and bacon from nearly 200 stores and offers halal meat only after 'strong demand' from Muslims

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  • 185 branches across UK and Ireland now sell halal-only meat
  • Halal refers to objects or actions permissible under Islamic law
  • Pork is forbidden and while other meat can be eaten, it must be sourced, slaughtered and processed according to strict rules
  • Subway said all halal meat served in its branches has come from animals that were stunned before being slaughtered
  • Halal-only menu is in response to ‘strong demand’ from Muslim customers


Fast food giant Subway has removed ham and bacon from almost 200 outlets, and switched to halal meat alternatives in an attempt to please its Muslim customers.

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It has confirmed turkey ham and turkey rashers will be used instead in 185 of its stores, where all the meat will now be prepared according to halal rules.

The chain, which has around 1,500 outlets across the UK, explained its decision by saying it had to balance animal welfare concerns with ‘the views of religious communities’.


Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt
Steak and Cheese
Meatball Marinara
Subway Melt – ham, bacon, turkey breast and cheese
Italian B.M.T. – pepperoni, salami and ham
Spicy Italian – pepperoni and salami
Chicken Avocado
Breakfast subs
Mega Melt – bacon, sausage, egg and cheese
Bacon, Egg and Cheese
Sausage, Egg and Cheese

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All ham and bacon is replaced by turkey ham and turkey rashers and all meat is prepared according to Islamic halal rules.



151 thoughts on “Subway removes ham and bacon from nearly 200 stores and offers halal meat only after 'strong demand' from Muslims

  1. I wish this article mention some of their addresses of these restaurant so we can go after boycotting them.
    and by the way; Just because the restaurant say Halal on their sign doesn’t mean they don’t serve pork in the menu.
    Plus, where is the demand letter?
    Just because pork is not consumed as much nowadays, doesn’t mean they are under Muslim pressure.
    Muslim are not even 1 percent of US population yet they can stop you from eating pork?
    This is probably another story; where you must hate Muslims for their habit or their way of eating or slaughtering animal.
    BTW, I am a Muslim, I don’t give a rat’s A whether you consume pigs or dogs sheep or a cat.
    Also, this damn restaurant chain was also serving everyone yoga mat in their bread to be fluffy and eye catching.
    “Eat Fresh” My A

  2. 1 – “Halal foods are foods that Muslims are allowed to eat or drink under Islamic law” It is not Islamic law rather it is Islamic belief.
    2 – “animals must be performed by a Muslim” Wrong again. The Animal can be slaughtered by Jewish Man too and Muslims are allowed to eat it.
    3 – “who first invokes the name of Allah” Wrong again. Jewish man doesn’t say Allah while slaughtering their animal but allowed for Muslims.
    4 – “Fast food giant Subway has removed ham and bacon from almost 200 outlets, and switched to halal meat alternatives in an attempt to please its Muslim customers.”
    Restaurants wants business and if they can bring Muslim and make it attractive why not?
    5 – “where all the meat will now be prepared according to halal rules” WTF is Halal rules?
    Does this mean the food preparers must say “allah – O- Akbar while putting the meat in the sandwich or when shaking the salt and paper?
    6 – “Daily Mail reports: Fear of Muslims has multiplied greatly after the London bombings”
    No wonder we are bombing the hell out of these middle eastern countries so the can Multiple. No wonder we call Obama who expanded and extended the Bush’s wars. Now it make so much sense. Holy Moly Guacamole
    This is article is presented for you to consume like your favorite meat but watch your blood pressure afterword.

    • Check out the number of kosher tax markings found on our food. Here in Canada the most common one is the letters COR with a circle around the letters. I try to avoid buying anything with a hidden religious tax.

        F(_)c|< both Campbells and SUBWAY. Who's next?

    • The ‘yoga mat rubber in the subway bread’ * debacle a few years ago did it for me. Thankfully, this just helped remind me to SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT SUBWAY.
      * but ONLY IN AMERICA — other countries are more protective of the population and did not tolerate having the CHEMICAL put in the bread. But not here in USA, nope. We are just a petri dish for anything that governments and/or corporations want to do to us….
      Reference: food babe dot com

    • Obama has fled to French Polynesia because Hillary or a globalist Republican is not President. He has no protection from prosecution for his many crimes which include illegal spying on Trump, and faking his birth certificate which has now been proven (not born in the US, illegal Presidency). The Democrats and some Republicans are desperate to manufacture scandals for Trump such as the Russia ties BS and remove him from office because they fear Trump will put many of them and Obama and Hillary in prison. Obama claims he is writing his memoirs. French Polynesia doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the US.

  3. I don’t eat in Subway (or McDonalds, or any other fast food come to that) and I am vegetarian, but I think that all this is already well over the top. It’s a matter of principle. This is still Europe, with a majority European population. Someone should tell these Islam-pleasing multinationals to just remove themselves to some Muslim country and stay there. Europeans should just boycott them and make the removal easier…

  4. This is only scratching the surface of the demands to be made by the Muslim invaders. All of this being made possible by our Zionist Jewish enemies, of which billionaire George Soros is the leading financier; financing the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan from the 1920’s to breed out Europeans. Kalergi was the son of an Austrian diplomat named Heinrich von Coudenhove-Kalergi and a Japanese woman named Mitsu Aoyama. His movement was financially backed by Zionist billionaire bosses such as Rothschild, Baruch and Warburg. With such high-powered backers and close contacts with European aristocrats and politicians, Kalergi managed to attract important heads of state to his project for European integration — what Winston Churchill openly referred to, in 1945, as the “United States of Europe.”
    Very few people know that Kalergi, one of the main “founding fathers” of the process of European integration, also designed the genocide for the peoples of Europe. As far back as 1922, Kalergi founded the “Pan-European” movement in Austria, which aimed to create a federation of nations led by the United States. European integration would be the first step in creating a future world government. Kalergi’s plan was temporary halted by the election of Adolph Hitler.
    With the rise of Benito Mussolini in Italy, Adolph Hitler in Germany and General Francisco Franco in Spain, Kalergi’s Jewish-inspired ‘One Europe’ project was put on hold. But very soon after the final crushing defeat of Germany in 1945, Kalergi’s New World Order, thanks to the support of Winston Churchill, the Jewish B’nai B’rith and major newspapers like the New York Times(Slimes), began to take its first visible steps toward fruition. That is the background, you are now witnessing the first stages of Europe’s demise.

    • This wasn’t a demand by Muslims it is a ploy by corporate money grubbing pigs that work at a shitty fast food chain

      • Corporate greed always comes in to play at some point Brian, but make no mistake, Muslims will demand a lot. The same ones who are demanding Sharia Law be implemented….how’s that for shitty?!?

    • It is illegal in some European countries to know facts like these. It is illegal for people to know facts concerning the “Holocaust”. It is illegal to do investigations. It is illegal to have the wrong opinion. Liberals in the USA are attempting to do the same, outlaw certain opinions.

  5. And where are the still majority white politicians of various west countries, not just Britain, in all of this?????!!!!!!!??????

      • Apparently.
        Well — I partially take that back. Lindsay Lohan-Graham was last seen doing the foot tapping thing near the men’s room and waiting for his plane to take him to Sodompaloozaville.

        • I remember a story that back before Negrobama was pres he and Rahm were setup in a DC house by an alphabet agency that was wired with video and sound. Apparently their bathhouse friends and them put on quite a show.

          • Yep, and also all the other “ism’s” one can muster up. Basically just hate people in general.

          • You got a problem with the truth bub? Obunghole is a NEGRO–well actually a MULATTO–and he is a butt bandit so that makes him a HOMO. Stop being a pc worm.

          • o bama is the first gay prez ,Michelle er Michael is the first transgender 1st “lady”, and their “children” came from a surrogate.
            You have problem with that?

    • Are you suggesting that the politicians should force stores to serve specific foods?
      No Kosher restaurants or Delis, no vegetarian restaurants for Hindus, should supermarkets be allowed to sell kosher items or vegetarian items?
      If you don’t like it shop next door.

      • And if you want your New country to be just like the last one (other than bombings and bullets) then stay the hell home in the 1st place.

  6. Great news. I work in a Subway, and whenever I can, I’ll throw in some bacon in the meat.
    No, we don’t sell bacon/pork anymore, but I’ll just buy some extra bacon when I go shopping, so I can bake it at home, and bring it to work to mix in halal sandwiches.
    Enjoy your Subway sandwiches from now on muslims.
    Friendly greetings, everyone serving food…

  7. Great news. I work in a Subway, and whenever I can, I’ll throw in some bacon in the meat.
    No, we don’t sell bacon/pork anymore, but I’ll just buy some extra bacon when I go shopping, so I can bake it at home, and bring it to work to mix in halal sandwiches.
    Enjoy your Subway sandwiches from now on muslims.
    Friendly greetings, everyone serving food…
    …(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……………….. _.·´

  8. Great news. I work in a Subway, and whenever I can, I’ll throw in some bacon in the meat.
    No, we don’t sell bacon/pork anymore, but I just buy some extra bacon
    when I go shopping, so I can bake it at home, and bring it to work to
    mix in halal sandwiches.
    Enjoy your Subway sandwiches from now on muslims.
    Friendly greetings, everyone serving food…
    …(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……………….. _.·´

  9. ….”Scientific research has clearly shown that slaughter of an animal without stunning can cause unnecessary suffering, and the RSPCA is opposed to the slaughter of any animal without first making it insensible to pain and distress….” Well….if you discount that initial stun, that may be true?
    RJ O’Guillory

      • …yeah…other than some form of mass-tranquilizing-agent…before slaughter, I’m not sure there is much you can do to take the existing “cruelty” out of a meat-based human / world diet. And in the end, the animal is still killed. I suppose the important words were “unnecessary suffering”?
        RJ O’Guillory

        • I understand that, which is (one of the reasons) why I am vegetarian. It is the ignorant dildoes that pass stupid comments that have the problem with any form of logic.
          I am willing to bet that not one in ten have ever visited an abattoir.
          The arrogance of ignorance.

  10. The barbarian hordes in the UK are still a minority but have managed to make political, economic, social, cultural, legal changes as though they were the majority. Civil war awaits this catastrophe, which will become a calamity.

    • When I am invited to a friends home I bring a gift. I don’t walk in and demand things be done my way. It’s not civilized.

    • Do you Brits, Swedes, Germans, etc need some help wiping out these muzzie vermin when the time comes? Plenty of yanks will be happy to hunt down these mohamedens.

  11. go back to your third world hell holes and live your pathetic lives according to your bronze age fairy tale cult, and leave us alone already! You don’t want to assimilate, you don’t want to be Americans.. WHY did you leave your country, afraid of your cult? then why did you drag it here with you?

    • Muhammad directed Muslims to wage war on other religions and bring them under submission to Islam.  Within the first few decades following his death, his Arabian companions invaded and conquered Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and Zoroastrian lands. A mere 25 years after Muhammad’s death, Muslim armies had captured land and people within the borders of over 28 modern countries outside of Saudi Arabia.

      • Dear brian, some people such as my self are DUAL NATIONALS! Apparently you are completely unaware of this fact! Now stop being a caustic cunt!

  12. Does not matter to me. I won’t eat their any more and could care less. It shows total disrespect for the people who built this country and whose families have lived here for generations. No bacon, no ham, no business. Screw subway

  13. The death of a thousand cuts PEOPLE!! Wake up, these cultists are on an agenda to take over the world and will kill you for not believing in their sociopathic beliefs. The number one name for new kids in England is pn’t Robert or Edward or anything White, it is Muhammad!
    Islam is not a religion, but a political ideology of dominance based on the teachings of a murdering pedophile who married a 9 year old girl!
    “You can’t convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it’s based on a deep-seated need to believe.”. Carl Sagan

    • Islam is a religion in as much as all religions are a contagious mental illness. So Savior self, Jesus is just a dead Jew.

      • I live in Mormon country. My chiro is a 35 yo Mormon, very cool and conservative. His belief system doesn’t interfer with biz. He is a Trumper (for the good reasons,) is making lots of white babies, gardens, etc.
        Yeah, I know about the evil crap in Salt Lake City, but thos is a typical case of not judging someone except by their actions. So what if he believes in the god/jesus, he is walking his talk, very decent office visit charges and really cares about others. If only the majority weren’t just Sunday christians hey?

  14. If the people in UK had any sense, they’d tell Subway to make their money selling to moslems because they were not going to patronize Subway any longer. Adding selections to satisfy some customers is different than not allowing the vast majority to enjoy what they want because a few do not want it. They need to return to lands where the populace thinks as they do.

  15. What type of person would leave his country run to another and then start demanding things? I would be so grateful that they allowed me to enter, short of having homo sex, or something really demeaning, I would go with the flow or keep my mouth shut. I am willing to bet 99% of these buttheads would under the right circumstances not only eat pork, but would beg for all I could give them, if they and or their families had not eaten in lets say 3 days, so hypocrisy now comes into play. I think the people should not give into one demand as when you give an inch you will be expected to give a mile, so nip it in the budd from the start. If they get upset and riot or burn or just demonstrate, then take some water cannons, filled with big poop and pig blood and spray the crap out of them and show them they will not dictate anything to anyone in their new country. Offers them assisted suicide if they say they cannot handle the denial, or a ticket home on the cheapest transportation, with some pork sandwiches to feed upon on the journey. If you or I were to enter their countries and demand change for our religious beliefs what do you think they would do? Piss on them they are hypocrites, evil scum and cowards at best for running rather then fighting for their land. Hows that for politically correct hope I offended someone or more.

      These people are SNAKES. Give them an inch and they own the f’king farm. I am SICK OF THIS CRAP ! ! ! !

      • Which country is that?
        USA 90% immigrants and descendants
        UK (OK going back a bit) 70% immigrants and descendants
        Australia 95% Immigrants and descendants
        Indigenous people everywhere whinge exactly the same whinge.

          • Listen you Ftype dickhead.
            the fact that you are a bore and ill mannered is understood, but don’t interrupt your betters.
            complain persistently and in a peevish or irritating way.
            “stop whingeing and get on with it!”
            synonyms: complain, grouse, grouch, grumble, whine, moan, carp, mutter, murmur, whisper; More
            an act of complaining persistently and peevishly.
            “I can’t help having a whinge about the referee though”
            I would say ‘grow up’ but clearly that is not going to happen, so instead ‘drop dead’.

        • It doesn’t matter which country, in this case the UK but it’s the SAME ALL OVER. BARBARIANS cannot by definition live with CIVILIZED people. This is the reason JAPAN keeps them OUT!

          • Which of course is why Japan kept Christians and especially Jesuits out of their country for more than 200 years.
            “However in 1587, in an era of European colonisation and Christianisation of the nearby Philippines, Toyotomi Hideyoshi issued an edict banning missionaries from the country due to the religion’s growing power, intolerant behaviour towards Shinto and Buddhism, and involvement in the sale of Japanese people as slaves overseas. In 1597, Hideyoshi proclaimed a more serious banning edict and executed 26 Christians in Nagasaki as a warning.”
            The ban was lifted and the USA arrived. Japan has regretted it ever since.

      • England has farms still? Are they just for looks and to take school kids on day trips? If you don’t like it then get off the couch!

        • I don’t give a damn about the farm. That was a metaphor. But I don’t expect you to know that since they don’t teach you that on Huffington Post and and whatever gay sites you visit

    • “What type of person would leave his country run to another and then start demanding things?”
      The people on the Mayflower?

    • “What type of person would leave his country run to another and then start demanding things”?
      It is the type of person we don’t want. Their stone age beliefs are utterly incompatible with the laws of our republic. Any fool can see it. The people promoting this are not fools. They are mortal enemies of you and me and our children.

    • “They” didn’t ask for anything asshole. Blame some jackass at Subway for trying to jump up the corporate ladder by suggesting a new way to make a few more pennies or whatever you guys use as money these days.

      • I would rather be an asshole then a human turd like you, for as an asshole I play a vital role in peoples lives. But you as a human turd have no use when ejected, even animal excrement is used for fertilizer . Now There is also an old joke about which body part is the boss, and all the other body parts finally admitted the asshole should be boss, so I suggest you find a better way to try and offend me. Perhaps if your mother had eaten you at birth as good animals do when they realize they have a defect you would not be human excrement.

  16. Good bye Subway, good bye Starbucks. Who is next Wal-Mart, McDonalds? You submit to Islam your business dies.

    • Nearly 13 % of their customers in London are Muslims. They make Halal 13% of their stores.
      They are serving their customers.
      Your point is?

  17. I never eat Subway anyway. It’s all bread and no meat. Junk food. But if the mooslim won’t eat ham- don’t order it! And let the rest of the normal people eat what THEY like!

  18. If you gonna drop one kind of meat over the other , it’s holy universal mother cow , and universal father bull meat that
    should be stopped … a long time ago …
    In fact , all meat should bve outlawed , as it is sinful , and not in accordance with Aryan Vedic standards …
    God’s name is Vishnu , not ” allah ” … you chickenshit tards !!!

  19. Only Lenny’s for me. Subway prefabricated dry meats are disgusting. Every sandwich tastes the same except the fake crab and the tuna.

  20. If Christians believe the Bible shouldn’t they demand the same. And don’t give me your hermetic BS to try to explain it away and then say its the same yesterday, today and always.

  21. Islam is a by-product of the Jews. Muhammad, a false prophet, had a jewish mother. Matt:24-24-“For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets…”

    • Hey!!!!! Congrats! You have learned a possible fact. Now just another 50 or 60 years studying to be more than just some ass with an opinion.

  22. I can’t get bacon from a store that is following these guidelines….. More walking on egg shells because of someone else’s god damn religion. Screw all you pinheads.

  23. Regardless of any strictly ‘religious’ entanglements involved with this subject all people (and Christians especially) might find it interesting that God via Christian scripture institutes a plant based vegan diet as the original given (therefore presumably optimal) diet for mankind (Gen1:29,30). That this ‘advice’ is given essentially at creation to the original ‘humans’ before the fall indicates that this is not a ‘Jewish’, ‘Islamic’ nor ‘religious’ thing whatsoever. The same text makes clear this even includes *all* animals … even those we assume these days to be absolute carnivores ‘by nature’. A little known fact is that *many* experiments have proven that even the big cats *thrive* on a complete vegan diet. Furthermore this transition has been accomplished in a very short time … over months, not even years. Amazingly the very short intestines that seem to be natural to carnivores (to digest quickly, meat that will rot and become toxic otherwise if forced to move slowly through longer intestines meant primarily for plant based diets) will *significantly* lengthen quite quickly to adapt to the plant based diet.
    Biblically, further on in the story of Noah, the ark, and the flood, it is clear there is an important distinction between ‘clean’ and ‘unclean’ animals. While it is popularly known that ‘the animals went into the ark by twos’ scripture further reveals that those were the unclean animals. Of the ‘clean’ animals 7 were gathered into the ark because they would be needed for food as well as for restocking the earth after the flood since all plant life would be destroyed for a period of time after the flood and it became ‘essential’ for mankind to eat animals. Leviticus 11 goes into great detail about *exactly* what is clean and unclean with regards to animals serving as food for humans. Again this is before the ‘Jews’ or ‘Hebrews’ came to be so it’s clear this is not a religious or cultural distinction but in fact one of *health*. Careful examination of which is which as far as clean and unclean animals go and the functions they serve ‘in nature’ will reveal exactly why one is actually ‘clean’ (ie fit for human consumption) while another is ‘unclean’ and therefore not. Basically the unclean animals are either the ones that eat other animals and/or are scavengers and thus are nature’s garbage disposals (like pigs, eagles, vultures, oysters, shrimp, catfish, etc) and thus not fit for human diet. That God created them to be so easily identified for us is just another testiment of His wisdom and goodness.
    Now of course nutritional science is proving the superiority of the plant based diet for overall optimal human health. The Seventh Day Adventists who have promoted and largely practiced a plant based diet for over 100 years have been studied as a population and been found to live 10 years longer on average than the general population and with a much higher quality of life healthwise, on average, up to the end of their lives.

  24. Time to BOYCOTT this cowardly company for capitulating to a pack of 7th century satanic savages. I guess SUBWAY will continue to add RUBBER MAT particles to their bread? They were caught doing this a few years ago in UK. Their CEO Fred Deluca died a few years ago aged 67. Hs sister took over–appears she wants to run the company into the ground. No more Subway for me or Starbucks or Amazon–all of these companies capitulate to savages and/or are part of the now.

  25. Cutting the windpipe is cruel. Ever seen an animal suffocate to death by drowning in their own blood? I have. It’s TERRIBLE!! They’re fully conscious, frightened and then they convulse and die. Rat poisoning neighbors will do that to your pets.

  26. Go to a foreign country and make them adopt your diet. Why not try the Chinese approach and just make delicious food so we will love to eat it.

  27. Subway is garbage and their spokesman is a pedophile.
    And what a coincide that the jews and muslims practice the same barbaric customs.

  28. As soon as I read the headline I KNEW it was in the UK. If this ever happened in the U.S. it would be time to bring out the heavy long guns.

  29. I hate people that expect others to comply with their perspectives. The pig is sacred food in many Pacific Island cultures. So why can’t they keep pork on the menu and serve Halal food? If I had my way Subway would serve fermented shark and smoked lockes from the tits of scantily clad viking women.. Wtf century do we live in here? Fucking Subway fail.

  30. I’m going to do some research on this but if I find out that this is true, I’ll never eat at Subway ever again.

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