Suez Canal Blocked: A “Worst Case Scenario for Global Trade”!

This is a great vid from Ice Farmer on the engineered food crisis.

It’s pretty important. (imho)

Tenth of world trade halted as container ship blocks Suez Canal

Oil analytics firm Vortexa said 10 tankers carrying 13 million barrels of crude could be affected. Oil prices rose more than 2 percent. Five LNG tankers were blocked, according to data intelligence firm Kpler. Of the five, three were bound for Asia and two for Europe, said Kpler analyst Rebecca Chia. She said that if the congestion persisted until the end of this week, it would affect the transit of 15 LNG tankers.

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“It increases the risk that we might see additional port congestion in European ports in the next week,” said Lars Jensen, chief executive at SeaIntelligence Consulting.

About 30 percent of global container ship traffic and 12 percent of world trade by volume passes through the canal each day, carrying everything from fuel to consumer goods, and it is a major source of hard currency for Egypt. The main alternative route for ships traveling between Asia and Europe, around the African cape, takes a week longer to navigate.

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