Supreme Court Declines to Block Texas Anti-Abortion Law

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by Chris Black

Folks, the election was stolen fair and square, but at least we have some conservative judges on our side:


The U.S. Supreme Court refused on Wednesday to block a Texas ban on abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, dealing a major blow to abortion rights by leaving in place a state law that prohibits the vast majority of abortions.

The decision is a major milestone in the fight over abortion, as opponents have sought for decades to roll back access to the procedure.

Because of “the virus” you don’t have rights anymore, regardless of what Reuters tells you, i.e. America is already a totalitarian state. Basically, you only have rights if daddy allows, whether we’re talking about Google, Facebook, the Federal Government, the CDC, Fauci or whomever.

The core premise of the Constitution, the alienable rights palaver, is gone baby gone, and there are no “democratic” institutions left, and the Constitution is just a piece of paper, theater in other words.

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