Every time I see the news, it steals my attention for a while and then hours later I realize that TPTB won another war and the majority of the public didn’t even know there was a fight. The media is bombarded with so much “news” the conspiracy story comes and goes before anyone notices it happened.

by bigbootybigdoody When something big comes to light, whether it’s government corruption, a massive pedophile ring, terrorist and “terrorist” attacks, human experimentation and well as human rights violations, attention grabbing … Read more

Department of Justice award of $165,000 paid out to the City of Peoria, IL.. 6 months later, “A lawsuit against the city of Peoria and several police officers that alleged they conspired to falsely prosecute the plaintiff has been dismissed”

by leggobucks 10/01/2017 Awarding Agency Department of Justice Recipient CITY OF PEORIA IL Total Award Amount: $165,000 CFDA Program Description JAG funded projects may address crime through the provision of services directly to individuals … Read more